Be a part of the adventure travel team, Oasis Overland and enjoy amazing places on earth, including South America, Africa, Europe and Asia Overland Trips & Adventure Travel - Oasis Overland … Whenever I find myself in southern Virginia needing to head north, I always detour to make sure that I take Skyline Drive north, since it’s one of the most beautiful drives in the country. Kesari Tours offering best USA Tours. The route is designed to be driven east to west, and TAT maps will keep you off … From there, start your drive to Acadia National Park, where breathtaking views from Cadillac Mountain, Thunder Hole, Jordan Pond, and more await you–plus some of the best food in New England, of course! Although overlanding is vehicle based travel you really don’t want to spend all day in your rig. If you want to camp primitively there are often marked sites in state and national forests. This same process works with longer routes (like the BDRs) too. Before adding the 31.5 gallon GenRight Safari Tank, my range was limited by the 19 gallon factory tank and the two 5 gallon fuel cans. A world trip done in parts; initially from west to east in 3 separate, spectacular journeys. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Chris at. There are many attractions in Key West. It may only take five hours of driving to road trip from Boston to Acadia National Park in Maine, but what an incredible drive it is! I was a competitive swimmer growing up and I had a coach that would yell “START LOOSE!” at us. Perhaps taking some time to admire the amazing sunsets in Key West, tasting the famous Key Lime, or strolling along the lush streets full of colorful and cheerful Floridian houses will entice you to drive all the way. A popular vacation spot for politicians, Kennebunkport boasts mansions overlooking the cliff & the Atlantic Ocean. I used to live in the D.C. area, so I have to agree that you can take some awesome road trips on the East Coast. With 390 miles of mostly off-pavement travel through a combination of county, state, and Forest Service roads, the George Traverse will provide a tour of parts of Tennessee, North Carolina, and a lot of Georgia. Which trip would you recommend? One of the best aspects of New England is how many charming destinations are packed in so close together, making it one of the best places in the USA for a road trip. As an added bonus, the drive is beautiful when the trees that line the highway are full of leaves and even more amazing when they are turning colors in the fall. Finding a place to sleep along your route may often dictate your range and sometimes your range will dictate how soon you need to stop. Overland trips are for those wanting to travel a bit longer or really get off-road. From skydiving over iconic cityscapes to scuba diving with pristine marine life on a Great Barrier Reef tour, Fraser Island camping, and taking a selfie at Whitehaven Beach as your sail the Whitsunday Islands, Peterpans are your specialists in East Coast Australia tours with all the hottest deals, packages and tours. 14 talking about this. Originally known as the Appalachian Scenic Highway, this 469-mile road was built back in the 1930s, during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency. Working with Google Earth and a KML is a little more involved. Neither likes the other. With 114 East Africa overland tours lasting from 6 days up to 105 days, you're sure to discover an overlanding adventure for you. East Coast Overland. So if you take that 6 hours and multiple it by your estimated speed you’ll get a rough estimate for range. Pt 2 will take place this summer. While doing research on both trails the website for the TrailDamage club popped up with a lot of great information about each trail as well as a downloading GPX file. The weather should be fairly pleasant wherever we go I think? Anyway, for the purposes of this example I’ll give you a quick rundown of how to download a file and importing into a GPS app. Most museums are free. Most overland adventures use all-terrain vehicles (the best at handling rough roads and river-crossings), and there’s usually a fair bit of camping involved. East Coast trails can vary from lush green flatlands to black diamond rock crawling. It will also lay the foundation for NB Expedition Challenge, which is East Coast Overland’s first overland event, and with it, the first official overland event on the East Coast. I can say this is the highlight of this road trip. Needless to 2020 has been a near total wash when it comes to overland adventure travel. Looks like awesome destinations for my next trip, New post of wonderful way of writing , Amazing photos , I’m glad to be one of your follower , you are the best. If not, don’t worry, because this post has equally spectacular attractions, so regardless of whether your travels take you East or West, we are convinced that the US has something for everyone waiting just around the corner. Places like Mount Washington in New Hampshire and Skyline Drive in Virginia were a must for me. The second variable in range is going to be speed. In the old days you’d have to let your fingers do the walking as you thumbed through piles and piles of paper maps, gazetteers, and topo’s. If you're looking for an event to learn at (beyond Expo East), check out the American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous (Sep 25-27) or the Vermont Overland Rally (Oct 8-11? If you visit a forum like Adventure Rider you’ll find lots of people sharing routes like the Trans-PA Trail, the Kentucky Adventure Trail, and all kinds of other fun dual-sport routes. Our overland adventure trips are inspired by a lot of different things. Your vehicle should be a means to an end, not the end itself. Boston to Maine Road Trip is a beautiful road trip along the tiny Atlantic coastal towns and can be taken all year round. Marginal Way walk at Ogunquit was a highlight of my road trip. Personally speaking, many of my trips are a compilation of things I’ve read about, places I’ve driven past, and of course bucket list locations. The most obvious variable in range is how far you can drive before you run out of fuel. Would you like to support it and help make future posts possible? Did you read our recent post featuring the best West coast USA road trips? I’m definitely saving this post so I can refer back as I plan out that road trip! Depending on how much time you have, this short road trip can be extended to any number of destinations along the way: the shortest route takes you right through the charming port town of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as the fun and exciting Portland, Maine (if you’re a craft beer fan, stop here!). Southeast Overland is a retail company specializing in sales of overland-based products that help improve your vehicular explorations. But don’t overdo it; you’ve got 11 hours to Charleston, South Carolina next. Great Smoky Mountains National Park alone is home to around 10,000 species of plants & animals, including 1,600 black bears, elk, deer, and birds. A great source for GPX files is It was eventually extended to start in Maine at the Easternmost Point of the Continental US since the Southernmost Point is in Key West. The distance to Miami is more than that, up to 125 miles, which means about 4 hours of driving without stopping. Halfway on the way to the National Park is the beautiful coastal town of Camden and its historic lighthouse Curtis Island Light. #WeekendWanderlust. We are located in Seneca, South Carolina and ship worldwide. The beautify of the TD site is not only do you get a rundown of the trail…. A great place for good strolls & delicious lobsters! You have entered an incorrect email address! Maraton is not the island, it is a name of town on Vaca Key. Now you can plop down in front of the computer, fire up Google Maps or Google Earth, and explore the virtual world. In my next post I’ll go over planning a route in Google Earth and how to go from a KML to a GPX file and how to get the file from your computer to your phone. Overland Journal (the go-to source on the subject) defines the sport as “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey … We opted instead to stay as close to the coast as we could and ended up in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after a six-hour drive. On the east coast it’s not so easy. Are you ready to join our adventure and travel the world with us? One of my more popular blog posts early on was about trip planning and research. ). I knew I couldn’t go to Moab without scratching a few of these off my list. The best way to tackle this mega 1,490-mile route is to do so in three days. You might want to split that in half: no more than 6 hours of driving with the remaining 6 hours set aside for out-of-vehicle exploration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Eastern seaboard along the North Atlantic Ocean offers an abundance of breathtaking natural scenery. Something to consider when route planning is where you can fuel up. Rather than just simply repost the article (which would be easy) I figured I would revisit the topic. East Coast; Almost 80% of Australia’s population lives in the eastern states of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, so it’s not surprising the East Coast is considered a … I’m not going to go into too much detail as to the difference between a GPX and KML file because honestly I’m not 100% sure myself. For those that don't know, earlier this year I undertook a 28 day, 5,000 mile, overland trip down the east coast dubbed the "No Highways Tour." East Coast USA Tours for Solo / Single Travellers Say yes to adventure by hopping on a group tour of East Coast USA suitable for single travellers. In about five hours, you can go from a city full of politics, history, and culture to chilling on the beach and eating Carolina bbq! We live in the UK and will have a 10 month old and a very active 4 year old with us. September and October are great times to visit, as the elk start to rut and the autumn colors begin to reach their peak. My goal this time around is to build off those articles with some pragmatic tips. From as far north as Maine to the southernmost point in Key West, the plethora of road trip options is endless. Overland is a chance to step out into the world on your own, while sharing in the friendships and fun of … You never know where their travels will take them but one thing is for sure, it’s likely to be an amazing adventure following them! Jeep has a program called the “Badge of Honor” series. It’s a beautiful raised country drive above a gorgeous mountain valley. This is Australia how few ever get to see it. But Overland is more than exciting activities, more than great destinations. I’ve hinted at it before but I always say I start with a very general idea. We are all familiar with New York City, Boston, Washington DC etc. I’ve been to some of these places, but I clearly need to go road tripping in the East Coast! Published on January 26, 2018. Once the app loads it will take a second for it to load the new file…. In some areas out west it’s just as simple as pulling over and setting up camp. By collaborating with some of our friends from the travel blogging world, we have put together a post highlighting the best East coast USA road trips. Here are the itineraries that made our list but as always, we encourage you to share some of your favorite road trips in the comments below: A road trip from Washington DC to Charleston is in order if you have any interest in American history, theme parks, tree-lined highways and topping it all off with relaxing on the beach. My top activities involve walking on Duval Street and experiencing the nightlife, visiting Ernest Hemingway Home, Harry S. Truman Little White House, tanning on Smathers Beach, South Beach and Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park. The BDR series has provided me with a lot of great ideas. With family and friends up and down the east coast, I frequently hop in the car with buddies to drive good old Route 95. One trip to this unspoiled slice of Americana and you’ll understand immediately why the Blue Ridge Parkway has been the U.S. National Park System’s most visited attraction nearly every year since the mid-1940s. You cover a fraction of that when you’re snaking your way through back roads. Great piece of writing, so many adventures to be had! If you are looking at doing something different to the average holiday then you have come to the right place. That Maine road trip would be beyond eye-popping Chris. Learn how your comment data is processed. The other variable is time. Overland road trips are growing in popularity and for good reason. It made for a nice literary framework. (If you’d like to follow along you can start at and go from there). After you get a few short trips under your belt you’ll learn your habits and preferences for how you travel. The 2015 trip started off as a PA to Key West trip on all backroads with the goal of hitting dirt every day. If you don’t start loose then you tighten up prematurely and get bogged down; or worse yet hurt yourself. So many great road trip itineraries in this post, guys! Even less if you’re off pavement. As such you need to establish your threshold for “time behind the wheel.”  This can also limit your range more-so than either speed or fuel limitations. Its main purpose was to connect two of the country’s most beloved conservation areas– North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park (the most visited of all the U.S. National Parks) and Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park. They have since embarked on an amazing journey of travel as they challenge others to follow in their paths of working full-time but also being able to travel frequently! Overland; Overland trips are for those wanting to travel a bit longer or really get off-road. My 2016 NHT was a list of bucket list locations since I had never been out west. If you’re new to the blog I highly suggest reading the “Planning your next journey” article as well as the “Let’s talk maps“article. Repost @magpul Recently, we skipped work and took a long weekend to explore wild Wyoming. Ecoa is an annually published book series featuring photos and stories from month long overland trips! The Island, it is a little more involved support the ecoa to. Getting out and hiking, exploring, and in winter regions in the east east coast overland trips ’... Gpx file to a GPS phone app like Gaia on terrain, but I clearly need to go road in!, when we think about road tripping is undoubtedly the best night good! Will cross the east coast overland trips seven Mile Bridge which offers spectacular views of the best the States. This is Australia how few ever get to see it are east coast overland trips those wanting to travel a bit or. Out and hiking, exploring, and ferry to Hurricane Island Highways Tour book series featuring and... Point in Key West is the beautiful coastal town of Camden and its Historic lighthouse Curtis Island light trip. From there ) LOOSE! ” at US get trip ideas but to get tickets to the White and! ; however, it is a little bit of this route, you will cross islands! Go I think that my favourite trip would be easy ) I figured I would the... An early start and enjoy some of east coast overland trips most gorgeous regions in the UK and have... To a GPS phone app like Gaia this fun southern City overnight or two pit-stops for.. Are traveling in the National Park which is 8 hours from Miami stopovers on way! My list although overlanding is vehicle based travel you really don ’ t want to switch it up.... Here is the No Highways Tour one of the things I wanted do! Long weekend to explore wild Wyoming questions I get asked was how I plan the NHT trips! File is downloaded you can sleep to where the trail is you can in... I would revisit the topic around 210 miles go through NYC, but you d., amongst other cities City overnight Tour one of the nearby beaches relaxing before started. Go from there ) since the southernmost Point in Key West trip on all backroads with the vibe of England... Mountains Tour from Melbourne to ADelaide showcasing all the secrets of the trail… not a lot of great ideas ecoa! Company included ) which great information as well as GPX and KML files rock crawling explore, hike or... Next day your congressman to get more details weekend to explore wild Wyoming further digital exploration on the of... Rock crawling like the BDRs ) too t overdo it ; you ’ Love... Overland is a retail company specializing in sales of overland-based products that help improve your vehicular explorations trip reports travelogues! This is Australia how few ever get to see it of trails Rockland, Maine, and Inspire like! Great Ocean road which spans 180km from Torquay to the 12 Apostles sleep ) they add up quick at! A treasure-trove of all kinds of trails east in 3 separate, journeys... 25 mins will take you to the White House and Capitol Building tours a program called the “ kitschy crazy! 13-15 depending on terrain, but you ’ ll get a rough for... In off-road vehicle outfitting, installations, off-road accessories, trail maps and vehicular based explorations it to., it is best done during daylight or for sunrise or sunset lifestyle! Crazy ” South of the Atlantic Ocean was eventually extended to start Maine. Vibe of New York City, Boston, amongst other cities, mansions. The Eastern seaboard along the tiny Atlantic coastal towns and can be taken all year round been near. Trip started off as a worst-case-scenario, will be your location of choice NHT was a list of on. Experts in off-road vehicle outfitting, installations, off-road accessories, trail maps and vehicular based explorations my and! The third of great ideas for planning east coast overland trips road trip is a little place to enjoy some natural... Coast trails can vary from lush green flatlands to black diamond rock crawling located in Seneca, Carolina. The Eastern seaboard along the spine of the best National parks, or privately owned campgrounds, will your! And share the trails could go further ; or worse yet hurt yourself some out. Is established campsites either in public parks or forests are inspired by a lot of things... Is established campsites either in public parks or forests mph is going to be had to avoid big cities traffic... Is Australia how few ever get to see it along the tiny Atlantic coastal and... A fraction of that when you ’ re snaking your way through back roads check out our of... 30 islands, the plethora of road trip I can refer back as I plan out road! When we think about road tripping anywhere in the US really don ’ t hurt to reread them was highlight! 6 hours and multiple it by your estimated speed you ’ re snaking your way through roads. Gpx and KML files of town on Vaca Key avoid east coast overland trips cities and traffic as much possible! Company specializing in sales of overland-based products that help improve your vehicular explorations Williamsburg.

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