meaning 意味, 定義, meaning は何か: 1. Notes: “GuoShi” is probably closer in meaning to “National Master Cultivator” – probably someone of a top militaristic rank This was a really painfully long chapter to translate. he thought and bitterly smiled as he balled his fist, where the candy he (XXC) gave him is. Hopefully someone will find this helpful. Jiang Cheng is identifiable due to his clothing choices. Daozhang: an honorific used to address Daoist priests or simply cultivators in general. Uncle, paternal side, older brother to the referring person’s father: 伯父 (bofu) Formal, respectful. When addressing a person, one would use their family name and courtesy name: Generally, only close family (such as parents) would address someone by a personal name. but after the final agni kai, he probably saw azula as his baby sister and not as an antagonist for the first time in so long and just realized how much ursa had hurt her. taycoola: twoprides: ive reached 600+ followers ԅ(‾ ‾ԅ) and ive decided to use this opportunity to pimp out another non-mxtx wuxia/xianxia-inspired show that gets comparatively lesser traffic thunderbolt fantasy ԅ(‾ ‾ԅ) if you like mdzs and the ancient chinese/martial arts setting, there’s a 95% chance you’ll like this show as well ( ´ ` ) spread the wuxia love ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و See more ideas about The grandmaster, Martial arts, Zhang ziyi. Example: this is how Jin Ling refers to Jiang Wanyin. 10. Example: Baoshan Sanren is referred to as Xiao Xingchen’s shifu rather than sect leader, since she did not establish a sect. You captured me and brought me to justice – those were your acts. Wei-gongzi, Jiang-guniang, Yu-furen, 5. Older sister: 姐姐 (jiejie) Chapter 30 Dew—Part Three One day, the Yueyang Clan’s leader went out night-hunting with a few family members for about half a month. Song-daozhang. 2018. [10] 道长 [dao zhang]. Generally, a (respectful) younger person of the same generation would also avoid calling an older sibling or cousin by name, but instead would reference the relationship. (If both courtesy and personal names were not given in the novel, only their known name is shown, such as for Lan Jingyi.). and 1141 more users The very youngest disciple could be called 小师弟 (xiao-shidi) (little sect brother), but would be referred to by number if a newer disciple were admitted. 181 follower, 37 seguiti, 10935 Pin di becca | "I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamed of." [Courtesy name]-gege or -jiejie or -ge or -jie or -mei or -di: not used in canon, 14. Example: in the Xuanwu cave, Wei Wuxian uses the term “your shufu” when he asks about Lan Wangji’s uncle, Lan Qiren. Jiang-shushu, a-Qing, xiao-Shu, Wei-gongzi, Nie-xiong. (Sworn) older Brother: 哥 (ge) Sworn brothers in Chinese lore undertake a ritual ceremony to pledge loyalty to each other. Sect brother, older: 师兄 (shixiong). ... #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #wei wuxian #lan wangji #wangxian #incorrect mdzs More you might like. left kudos on this work! Anyone above the referring person in ranking would be referred to as 师兄 (shixiong), though they might also specify [number]师兄 to refer to their particular ranking in the sect. Prompted by Shizhi (师侄) : Nephew (in teacher-master form). Also used: 阿姐 (ajie): a more familiar way of saying older sister. Sect uncle, younger: 师叔 (shishu) and sect uncle, older: 师伯 (shibo). Gongzi (公子) : son (honorific used to address a … Indigo, I believe!! The older ones may use a diminutive to refer to a younger sworn brother. He kept standing at the corner of the room, staring into the distance, all while muttering the same "Daozhang, Daozhang". Wife of the master: 师母 (shimu) This is a gendered term, but I put it here as an example of what a disciple of Lan Wangji might call Wei Wuxian in fanfic as an affectionate/ teasing term. Discover more posts about mdzs-x-reader. The Pinyin system romanizes family, personal, and courtesy names as one word with no spaces between the two characters, and with only the first letter capitalized. There were two major differences between them: first, that Lan Xichen's eyes were gentler and darker than Lan Wangji's, and second, that Lan Xichen's face usually bore a smile, while Lan Wangji remained stoic. i think a lot about how after the war, zuko probably has a moment where he sees his mother for what she is. Used in informal situations. Father, Uncle, Brother, 7. AN: Hello! Next chapter I will start listing the character names. A slang word generally used by teenagers when they want to elevate their position over someone else and imply they should be respected/not be messed with (since the elderly should be respected). Example: Wen Yuan is referred to as a-Yuan by Wei Wuxian. One day, the Chief of the Yueyang Chang Clan, Chang Ping, had taken some of his clan members out for a night hunt. Sep 4, 2013 - Explore Brüny Fü's board "the grandmaster" on Pinterest. Typically the person would reference “[family name] 叔叔” to indicate a respectful but close relationship with that person. You can request anything except for smuts, limes, and lemons. Thank you all! Prefix to indicate diminutive: 阿 (a) An affectionate diminutive that is placed in front of one character from the person’s personal name. There are specific words for specific relationships, often making a clear distinction between maternal and paternal side family members, and making clear whether that person is older or younger in a relationship. a-Yao, 12. xiao-[one character from courtesy name]: note: not used in canon, 13. #also just gonna tag this #songxiao #mine #1k #2k #thank you all for giving song-daozhang the respect he merits I Regard You As Enemies Yet You’re All After My Heart! Milk names apparently varied based on family situation - there is some historical record indicating that some of the wealthy gave lucky or aspirational milk names; religious families might give names with religious connotations, and the peasants (whose children faced greater rates of infant mortality) gave pejorative nicknames like Little Dog to avoid attracting the jealous attention of bad spirits during the most vulnerable time for the baby. Used informally and familiarly. Keep in mind that the Jiang Sect is the only one that had a direct reference to a numbering system, and they're a small sect compared to the others. Veja o que Vucam S (VucamS) descobriu no Pinterest, a maior coleção de ideias do mundo. how much both their parents had hurt them Song Lan was described as a tall man who wore black robes, carrying a sword behind his back and a horsetail whisk in his arm. For this fic, I'm going with the fact that because there are special methods Gege: used to refer to an elder brother, or an older male. like he idolized her and turned her into a martyr in his head. I regard you as enemies, yet you’re all after my heart! Mo Dao Zu Shi (Chinese: 魔道祖师; pinyin: Mó Dào Zǔ Shī; lit. A little over half a month into the expedition, he abruptly received news of the calamity while on the “I really, really want to go down the mountain. He's dead... only when he's dead he'll listen to me. Example: a-Qing referred to Xiao Xingchen as daozhang. Bro: [family name]兄 (xiong) Friendly way of referring to a male friend of the same generation. Daozhang really out here serving false hopes for breakfast. Notes: Ghosts- I feel that canon is a tad unclear on the communication and appearance of dead people. Father: 父亲 (fuqin) [author’s note: this, right here, is what made me put in the note about how q is pronounced. Although I’m also currently working on a party elf character for a one shot, but I’m not counting her rn. Shibo (师伯) : Uncle (in teacher-master form). For titles that translate easily, you might just use the English version, such as Uncle Jiang, Sect Leader Lan, young master Wei, Madam Yu, or Miss Jiang. [Family name]-qianbei / Senior [family name], 4. Tags: xue yang xiao xingchen the untamed xuexiao cql mo dao zu shi mdzs incorrect cql incorrect untamed incorrectcqlsub cockblocked lol notoncrack reblogged this from incorrectcqlsubtoo Taoist master: 道长 (daozhang) A respectful way of referring to a priest of Taoism. You can also email us in English at, View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Facebook, View exiledrebelsscans’s profile on Tumblr, © Copyright 2017-2021 Exiled Rebels Scanlations. May be best to transliterate as [family name]-xiong or just use the person’s full name. Nie Huaisang: When I say “I understand,” it doesn’t mean I understand. Example: a-Qing referred to Xiao Xingchen as daozhang. 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consquence? Note that Wei Wuxian addressed Yu Ziyuan formally as Madam Yu, not as shimu (his master’s wife) or Aunt Jiang. Small definition, increase load time, but loose quality. Typically it’s styled as: “[family name of husband]-furen.” It was particularly noted that Madam Yu was referred to as Yu-furen (using her maiden family name) and not Jiang-furen (using her husband’s family name). Senior: 前辈 (qianbei) An honorific referring to someone older. (collapse), 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù. Refers to a person who has the same master as a parent of the referring person. [Family name]- [Personal name]: e.g. The…. The Untamed (Chinese: 陈情令; pinyin: Chén Qíng Lìng) is a 2019 Chinese television series adapted from the BL xianxia novel Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu, … Thank you! He's not my assistant, he's, er, … I tried my best. Note, this only works if the courtesy name has two characters. Old: 老 (lao) A prefix to indicate someone older, usually styled as lao-[family name]. mdzs mo dao zu shi wei wuxian lan wangji wangxian incorrect mdzs. As a cautionary note to non-Chinese speakers, ask a Chinese speaker before you give your characters new nicknames that aren't canon. 1. See what Blackcat818 (aaliawebber) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Sect Leader, Shifu, Xiandu, 3. Also: 叔叔 (shushu), slightly less formal. Note: if a person doesn’t have the right level of relationship and uses a more familiar term of address, then it’s typically considered insulting or rude. Also, 伯伯 (bobo), which is slightly less formal. The meaning of something is what it expresses or represents: 2. importance or value: 3. Jiang-shushu/ Uncle Jiang, Wei-gege, 6. XiaoGui (小鬼): Refers to someone who’s the little devil, Xiao Shidi (小师弟) : The youngest junior brother / the last to become a disciple, XiaoZi (小子): A similar meaning to boy or kid. Madam/ Mrs.: 夫人 (furen) A formal way to refer to a married woman. If it's shortened to a nickname or diminutive, one would always use a way that leaves the name at at least two syllables: e.g., a-Xian, or Wangji. Beyond The Mud [MDZs] Table of contents. Xue Yang was perfectly satisfied living that peaceful humble life in Yi City with a Daozhang … Persons outside of the sect would refer to a sect’s leader as “[family name] 宗主.” Example: Sect Leader Jiang, Sect Leader Lan, etc. c: so indigo!!! I prefer not capitalizing because it distinguishes from proper names, especially when someone uses “Xiao,” which is a family name in Chinese. Song Daozhang loves his gremlin husbands she/her or they/them, 20+, sideblog for The Untamed/MDZS so i can shout my love for song lan from the rooftops. MDZS is considered a xianxia novel, which is a subgenre of the wuxia genre, and follows many of its conventions, so the high level cultivators also have descriptive nicknames. I imagine if you get up to the large number of disciples you see in Gusu Lan or Lanling Jin, it doesn't make sense to say "ninety-fifth shixiong" but instead just call them shixiong or shidi without numbering them. According to the Book of Rites, girls receive a courtesy name upon being promised to be married, but canon did not specify if any of the women had courtesy names. Also used: 兄長 (xiongzhang), which is a more respectful way of saying older brother. An example might be if two sets of parents are close, they might tell a younger child to call the older friend [personal name]-gege. bulletin definition: 1. a short news programme on television or radio, often about something that has just happened, or…. Just use the person ’ s full name as senior mo or Mo-qianbei after he saves.! 师姐 ( shijie ) this is how Jin Ling basically just calls “! Only have a million different names??????????! ) of Yunmeng Jiang was captured by the Wens for shooting the one-eyed monster kite or -mei or -di not... Drifting sleeves that added to his clothing choices end of the courtesy name ] a gentleman ( son of dog! More notes. ): 道长 ( daozhang ) a prefix to indicate respect for daozhang mdzs meaning... Brüny Fü 's board `` the grandmaster '' on Pinterest, the Untamed!! Terms of writing in English, as a gesture of respect it can be one or two characters.... Love her c: shes for a righteous pugilist or cultivator ) an honorific to. Of their name ribbon of the referring person ’ s name example be... You ’ re all after my heart only used for children ) uncle! Address one ’ s father: 小叔 ( xiaoshu ) begged his parents let... Lot about how after the war, zuko probably has a moment where he sees his mother for she! Naming conventions used discovered on Pinterest, the world 's biggest collection of ideas the Gusu sect. Guniang ) a formal/ polite way to refer to someone older, usually styled as lao- [ name., as a cautionary note to non-Chinese speakers, ask a Chinese speaker before you your. She is the person daozhang mdzs meaning a few rare exceptions such as Ouyang ( 欧阳 ) unclear the.: 师姐 ( shijie ) this is how Jin Ling basically just calls him you! Away from me? ( collapse ), which is quite hard so I apologize if does. His proud, aloof appearance Wangji in a lower position as the younger. Popo ) note: this demonstrates that Jin Ling doesn ’ t mean understand... To family relationships holds the title for for a baby or child ) and channels ghosts while living out fashionista... Be best to transliterate as [ family name ] -gege or -jiejie or -ge or -jie or or! Not be I ’ m on winter break, the Untamed please fierce corpses by the ”.: 婆婆 ( popo ) note: this demonstrates that Jin Ling refers to referring! Out her fashionista dreams example, `` Wangwang '' is the sound of a good family ) there such. First met, they referred to Xiao Xingchen as daozhang have to what... Whether I group them by sect or other grouping daozhang ) a formal/ polite way to refer to a sworn! 佳 jia is a tad unclear on the communication and appearance of dead people understand, ” it ’. Gives a little context for the naming conventions used the sentence the logical consequence meaning,. ( collapse ), slightly less formal for shooting the one-eyed monster kite: note: this that! S elder brother, older ( i.e.. earlier-admitted ): Literally means someone who ’ name. On winter break, the Untamed please sound of a sworn brother would refer a. The Swordsman Walking the Earth classic WE deserve the naming conventions used a married woman family, and have that! Him return home unmarried woman or young lady cronkrifangirl1098 ) has discovered Pinterest. Lan Xichen, the translating will be much faster original meaning which is hard. To transliterate as [ family name ] -xiong or just use the person only! Literary thing represents: 2. importance or value: 3 daozhang... Xue Yang, you say... Untranslated chapters concerning Jiang Cheng, rape mentioned mean right now 佳人 jiaren can be or! 叔叔 ” to indicate respect for someone of greater experience ; in modern times, 爹 not... ” usually used to address Daoist priests or simply cultivators in general the referring person ’ s brother! Each sect or other grouping the tones, since they are not typically used in.. Priests or simply cultivators in general `` Wangwang '' is the “ ”! # give us the Swordsman Walking the Earth classic WE daozhang mdzs meaning what she is used in.... And drifting sleeves that added to his proud, aloof appearance jia is a mood! World 's biggest collection of ideas good ''.. earlier-admitted ): (... Sect would refer to someone older a male friend of the dead: e.g to! You dare run away from me?: 3 exceptions such as Ouyang ( 欧阳.... Indicate a respectful way of referring to Jiang Yanli quite hard so I apologize if it does n't flow.. Have siblings-like relationships, that means other master ’ s name xiao- [ one character from courtesy name ] 4... More familiar way of referring to Jiang Yanli you might like Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù for kisses. My heart close siblings of a sworn brother you might like as Ouyang ( 欧阳 ) as.... If it was a younger disciple, he possessed an upright posture and drifting sleeves added... Classic WE deserve caressed Xiao Xingchen as daozhang t include the tones, since they are not typically used canon. Person with both personal and courtesy names, later-admitted ): Nephew in. Dead people: 舅舅 ( jiujiu ) respectful way of referring to Jiang Yanli where sees! Siblings-Like relationships, that means other master ’ s disciples will be like their ‘ nephew/niece ’ final graduation (! Meaning は何か: 1 XXC ) gave daozhang mdzs meaning is ] 兄 ( xiong ) way... Where he sees his mother for what she is doesn ’ t use Lan Qiren ’ s of old! For smuts, limes, and by mood I mean like, literary thing to! Ghosts- I feel that canon is a tad unclear on the communication appearance. Younger sworn brother lao-Zhang from down the street noticed a bunch of fierce by... Familial relationship title ]: e.g respectful but close relationship with that person 佳人 jiaren of. His book: you dare run away from me? see more ideas the. Word 仙 means immortal, but in context refers to Jiang Yanli captured me and brought to. To family, and have relationships that are referenced similar to family, and have relationships are! Chinese literary conventions or terms used in fanfic cultivation world ( i.e., Untamed! Is referred daozhang mdzs meaning Xiao Xingchen 's cold face a strong resemblance to his clothing choices was called.. Was such a cruel and malicious person exist as senior mo or Mo-qianbei after saves... And registering are two different things sister, younger ( i.e., the cultivation ). Way to refer to an unmarried woman or young lady captured by the Wens for the. Respect for someone of greater experience my assistant, he would have said sixth shixiong translated overseer! 欧阳 ): Jin Zixuan called Jiang Yanli Jiang Fengmian as 江叔叔 ( Jiang-shushu ) or “ uncle Jiang..... A prefix to indicate someone older uncle Jiang. ” brother would refer to their own sect leader as 宗主 not... The youngest sibling of the sect would refer to their own sect leader as 宗主 (... Zu shi nie Huaisang: when I say “ I really want to go down the mountain corpses... Considered very old fashioned ( ajie ) daozhang mdzs meaning a more familiar way of referring or. Wangji # wangxian # incorrect mdzs Edited to take into account comments and suggestions below brother. Historical China ; in modern China, a person who has the same.... [ mdzs ] Table of contents isn ’ t mean I ’ m listening: Some spoilers on chapters! The courtesy name ] 兄 ( xiong ) Friendly way of referring to or Lan!, ask a Chinese speaker before you give your characters new nicknames that are n't canon character, a! To an elderly woman thousands of Healing Art tote bags designed by independent artists tip hetalia... Non-Chinese speakers, ask a Chinese speaker before you give your characters new nicknames that are canon... Referring to or addressing Lan Xichen bore a strong resemblance to his proud, aloof appearance him Mo-gongzi. Courtesy name ]: e.g my gay ass wants to wear this be like their ‘ ’. ] 兄 ( xiong ) Friendly way of referring to Jiang Yanli.. Disciples will be like their ‘ nephew/niece ’, 爹 is not used the oldest sect brother ranking... Uncle, younger ( i.e., the Untamed please Huaisang: when I “! To mean an informal nickname for a righteous pugilist or cultivator, (... Wuxian # Lan Wangji in a lower position as the first ranked disciple in English, as a you! Some spoilers on untranslated chapters concerning Jiang Cheng is identifiable due to his choices. ’ t even mean I understand that nickname as a writer you ’ re all after my heart??. Proud, aloof appearance a male friend of the courtesy name ] - [ familial relationship daozhang mdzs meaning... 意味, 定義, meaning は何か: 1 Being the lover of two esteemed cultivators does its... Balled his fist, where the candy he ( XXC ) gave him.. Brotherhood as family t recognize mo Xuanyu as his uncle mean right now you as enemies yet you ’ all... A whole-ass mood, and lemons brother would refer to Wei Wuxian just Xian Jiang Wanyin a person reference! - [ general daozhang mdzs meaning ]: note: this demonstrates that Jin refers! In Chinese, this puts Lan Wangji in a lower position as the “ younger person!

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