... ayer me cai y ahora me duele la spalda. Your teeth hurt a lot. This Spanish Powerpoint Tutorial introduces body parts and the expression 'Me Duele(n)&' and the Verb &';Doler'. = I hurt my back last week. Me duele(n): Practice using the verb doler “to hurt, to cause pain” by talking about illnesses and injuries of the body. my foot hurts. Because of this, we say me duele el pie and me duelen los dientes. So if you want to say I have a headache, you can say Me duele la cabeza or Tengo dolor de cabeza.Both sentences mean exactly the same but with the second one, you avoid to use the indirect object pronouns, but you will have to conjugate TENER which is quite irregular (conjugation of TENER): Spanish Sentences using duele Home. duele is for singular (just one thing hurts) and duelen is for plural (two or more things hurt). My back aches. my leg hurts. My feet hurt. Sentences using doler in the present tense. I started the lesson with video clips from the internet of the bull runs. dominiqli. me duelen las piernas. There is another way to express pain in Spanish by using TENER + DOLOR (pain) DE + PART OF THE BODY. Make the skits more entertaining by adding props and costumes. me duele el pie. Examples: Me duele la boca. My stomach hurts. 1. te duele el tobillo. Presentation – Me duele… Body Parts – Students review body parts, the use of the verb doler and describe an accident in the past. If one part of the body hurts, the whole body hurts. your ankles hurt. Chapter … Activity – Doler / Reflexive Verbs – If you already taught reflexive verbs and are about to teach doler with body parts, this is a great introductory reading activity for you Spanish 2 class. ME NOS. It is hurtful when I go back to my region and am told the money is not there. 9. Doler and body parts. TE OS + DUELE / DUELEN + the body part / parts. Body Parts 24 terms. plural Te duelen mucho las muelas. Their legs hurt. Spanish Sentences Maker. Music is good for the soul. When you hurt you use the phrase: me duele (singular) or me duelen (plural). When referring to parts of the body in Spanish you shpuld always use the appropriate definite articles ie: el or la that relate to the that specific part eg: el brazo, la espalda, not the personal pronouns yo, tú, él etc... Me duele … general or abstract nouns : La música es buena para el alma. Me duelen los pies. me duelen los pies. Have students record the skits using their smart phones and share with the rest of the class. 3. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. my feet hurt. Start studying sentences witth parts of the body. 2. My neck hurts. En la escuela WEB CODEjcd-0003 la boca el estómago el pie la cabeza la pierna el brazo la mano la nariz el ojo el dedo Real00.qxd (001-012) 1/25/03 1:42 PM Page 5 PLAY. singular Me duele el cuello. Me duele cuando vuelvo a mi región y me dicen que no hay dinero. Have one student stand in front of the class and speak a sentence … Les duelen las piernas. 2.Me hice daño en la espalda la semana pasada. 8. My mouth hurts. my legs hurt. Instructions: Use the following skits to help students understand how the phrase “Me Duele” is used with parts of the body. Uses the theme of the San Fermin fiesta in Pamplona to introduce the Writing and Speaking tasks. LE** LES** **When you use LE or LES, place “a + the person” in front, so you know who the LE or LES represents. te duelen los tobillos. A ti may precede TE A vosotros may precede OS. Ana’s phone is new. titles: La señora López canta bien. STUDY. use example English; specific nouns: El teléfono de Ana es nuevo. parts of the body: Me duele la espalda. me duele la pierna. Let's review other examples: Me duele el estómago. your ankle hurts. Now write three sentences using the phrase me duele and body parts. Mrs. López sings well. Translate sentences with doler. te duelen las rodillas. It only changes depending on the number of the parts affected with two options: singular or plural. A mí may precede ME A nosotros may precede NOS.

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