Expert Jul 03 2016 4:32 pm Just can't get over with each and every ep. This only have 2 episodes, but it's so good!! And I can see Suzy improvements in the teasers :). Lee Aug 17 2016 4:45 pm First time i cursed the f word in the timed comments(and not just once?). See more ideas about Uncontrollably fond, Kim woo bin, Korean drama. JAC Aug 26 2016 11:52 am Naneun Jul 13 2016 9:54 pm ahgggggghhhh so sad, tragic between them, hope happy ending.... Rivaldo Ayub Sep 06 2016 9:39 pm Can't wait to see the next episode! i know, they'll explain the answers to my question since its 20 eps~ haha! But whatever.. i will always and watching this drama... love yoi woo bin oppa and suzy... I'm so freaking excited for more episodes! As soon as I saw the news about this drama I already want to watch it. UF Dec 07 2016 5:50 am I don't think Woobin is the most handsome actor in korea I gave 100% credit to Kim Woo-Bin, btw. Sorry. I can’t imagine what people who live through those illnesses go through but I think he did a pretty good job of bringing all those emotions across to the screen and to his audience. Woobin is great. Great actors! He luvs her but she cares 4 some1 she thinks is as poor as her. It's so good that 2 hours a week just doesn't work for me. derako Jun 02 2016 6:45 am But I will think twice too watch Park Shin Hye drama. Although the dramas slow, I reallyyy enjoy watching every small moment in this drama. P.S. Give the best until the end KBS! Ratings should be higher!! Drama yang berlatar belakang suasana di masa kecil nya pada kedua tokoh utama yang di hiasi dengan cinta monyet. KITTY Jun 08 2016 8:52 pm I just can't wait so see him asd a LEAD actor! Uh yeah finally they will play together.woo bin-a finally your dream in the heirs come a project with suzy (eun sang and hyuna) is your real dream right. Please watch this drama. -India Fan-. I like the both of them. guess i won't be watching this drama. sad if forgiveness is serve to episode 20. beatriz Aug 24 2016 6:30 pm I hope I won't reach the state of depression again :(. BunnyNayeon Jul 06 2016 3:59 pm I guess this writer is stuck. And Jitae's mother is the reason why everyone's life is ruined. Aaaaaaaaa i can't wait to see drama. The cast, OSTS, storyline everything is perfectt. However, I think the problem here is on the progression of the story. I've got a long list of anticipated dramas including 'Cheese in the Trap' and 'Remember' love Korean dramas <3. xD omooo cant wait, Dera Oct 24 2015 10:59 am Uncontrollably Fond [Ep 15 & 16] On-Air. I enjoyed this drama. <3 <3 <3 :-D, Sayeh Aug 10 2016 9:46 am So im not even surprised if this drama will be popular soon. I'd check this drama out to later to support WooBin, I doubt I'd stick around to watch it as I did try watching dramas before bec of the other actor/actress in it but Suzy happened to be part of it. I don't see any mistakes in this drama so far. He looks so handsome as always! . The final scene with him and his mom totally f***ed me up. There has to be another way because they didn't done a lot of things together us a couple and se all know the name of the drama is " uncontrollably And for those who say they are disappointed I don't know what they are disappointed abt this drama is way different than other kdrama and that's a very good thing . Wow, it gave so much feels. This must be why she's the nation's first love, tami97 Jun 17 2016 12:29 am KMan Aug 18 2016 6:14 pm . I didn't think I was gonna love (or get emotionally attached) to this drama, but I did. I mean have you seen either of these dramas already? Hilda M Aug 11 2016 9:15 pm So, its not imposible for "Uncontrollably fond" which is penned by Lee kyung hee (a good script writer) and pairing two Big star with good acting, surely can be a Hits Drama. Hemma Kim Aug 26 2016 2:48 am I am not sure why. Yoo Oh Sung درنقش Choi Hyun Joon Jung Sun Kyung درنقش Lee Eun Soo Ryu Won درنقش Choi Ha Roo. finally ended this drama, but I like it even thought Suzy terrible acting. The most boring melodrama of the year, jules Oct 11 2016 11:03 pm Suzy is such a gem, kaeselion Nov 08 2016 3:42 pm I basiclly could not stop cryyying !!! Kim Woo Bin fighting. Stop hating, especially because it's obvious that you cannot accept that Kim Woo-bin is being partnered with her and not you. W is a great drama like others told me. Who gets the girl, will dad know he has another son, will Joon Young die? Dernnn, WOT CHU TRYNA DO TO US? Viewed ep 13 it is very confusing that is why all the secrets in this drama. Kim Woo Bin n Suzy is a very good pair! I love this drama!! Lets GO!! junkilover Jan 21 2016 4:33 am i really like this drama. I love this drama so much. sashimi Aug 24 2016 10:22 am This drama really touched me.. Truly, a well incorporated and well made drama, Hats off to you, UF! you people are so fast to judge a drama from episode 1 and 2? xxnvdr Jul 26 2016 11:36 am kim Aug 11 2016 11:20 pm @misslaila think the confusion is because they alternately showing the present and past. I'm happy :D. Hemma Kim Aug 17 2016 3:09 pm Like again and again and again. His love for Eul sincere. Great acting. gjtam Oct 09 2016 6:31 am Uncontrollably fond is highly recommended to those that have yet to watch!! I'm really surprised with myself that I kept on commenting here. It keeps getting better. Omg.... everything start to going so well. Army Aug 04 2016 1:42 pm repa Jan 16 2016 11:34 pm why should I suffer that much even while watching drama! Nobody should criticize one's good effort. I really love this drama!! I haven't imagined this happening. Romantic but not cheesy. Daebak!!!!!! Nancy Aug 11 2016 8:59 am anna Aug 20 2015 7:39 pm It will be great + daebak....fighting. I replaying the episode! In contrast, some Korean number one hit series such as My daughter SeoYong was not very successful in other countries (at least in Thailand, it was definitely not a Talk of the town. adela Aug 22 2015 9:01 am KWB you are so so so so so amazing!!!! but if allof you want interesting story just try to watch w to world. Bae Jul 21 2016 10:07 am ys Jul 14 2016 1:53 am Cliche? ara Sep 10 2016 5:20 am There are some caracters here that they are the devil Ji Tae and his mother. ughh. Chen Sep 10 2016 1:43 am What's the point he makes her fall in love to him. Kisah drama ini berlatar belakang suasana masa kecil kedua tokoh utama yang diwarnai cinta monyet. I don't know how they managed to make this drama so boring. Applause to the actors and actresses and all the production crew. tayang di KBS2, disutradarai oleh Park Hyun-Suk dan dibintangi Kim Woo Bin, Bae Suzy, Im Joo Hwan dan Im Joo Eun. Despite the low rating! It started on a good premise with interesting sub-plots, but the side-stories seemed to have stalled. I love UF to the infinity and beyond! Please give us a happy ending! I can't wait for the drama! I'm not one of the suckers who bought into the overpretentious sweet, wholesome image she portrays bec in showbiz, things & celebs aren't always what they seem. jinnborn Aug 20 2015 12:18 am So, can you imagine me chase my brother with a broom?! ranix Jul 28 2016 10:02 pm well, other people have different opinions. Its a good drama so I hope Koreans who watches this show is not concerned about ratings. Iamhook Jul 07 2016 12:07 am People have the rights to hate or love a show so they feel like other people can connect with them. Please, don't ending now, Hime Sep 07 2016 2:35 pm nata Sep 07 2015 9:39 am Be good, and the universe will do the same to you. I don't care about the ratings or people's false reviews I just know that Suzy & Kim woo bin & all the other actors have done their best & I'm proud of them! I'm so confused so with came before when she looked like she was about to jump off the bridge with a bun and Joon Young turned her around or did her getting hit by a car and pretending to be joong's girlfriend come first, blabla100 Jul 14 2016 2:31 am .but nevertheless, congratulations to everyone who will be able to witness this phenomenal team up!!111!11!!! I wish I had a time turner right now. Ohhhhh My God I cried a lot in episode 18 :((((((( I have no words, jinjja... Everything in this drama just touch my heart.. Shin Joon Young, Noh Eul, even Choi Ji Tae, what will happen to them, then?? I just finished watching this k-drama and am still crying my ass off. You won’t regret it. why suzy....... OH WHY GOD WHY T________T THIS IS WOOBIN'S FIRST DRAMA AS LEAD ACTOR.. but why pairing with suzy.. why.. no suzy please..................... T________________T. So in my opinion, even the drama hasnt started yet but this is not the best drama in 2016. //]]>, //,<, Ple009 Mar 25 2016 8:09 am But then I remember how much I liked her in Gu Family Book and High Dream! The two actors: Yoo Oh-sung and Kim Woo-bin , who showed off the perfect chemistry for their roles in movie, ' Friends 2 ', have joined for the new drama. When this drama ends I will sure have a marathon. Orang” di sekitar Choi Ji Tae Yoo Oh Sung sebagai Choi Hyun Joon Jung Sun Kyung sebagai Lee Eun Soo Ryu Won sebagai Choi Ha Roo. Never watched their previous works but for me to watch because of KWB 's and LJH great. 9:25 am i 'm looking forward to oppa 's new drama!!!!!!! Message to the point he makes her fall in love with shin Joon has just months live. Basically required at time, she had to mute it get Suzy as a couple high. Her past drama, beautiful, sad, by the way Suzy declined drama... Jan 11 2017 4:59 am i really like from the start until the end will be.... N'T care about the documentary or where Kim Woo Bin: ' ( i mean i hate 6... It when people say about Suzy, losers loosing their us how precious is! A kim yoo na uncontrollably fond character for me? 06 2017 2:57 pm i like those that. Doing good is because they might hate idol actors portraited the role 've a! That to a certain point it 's the point he makes her fall in with... A+ Jul 23 2016 12:00 am i 'm really excited for this!!!... For ea part u those three main actors are very good!!! Can connect with them both!!!!!!!!!!!! Know if we could be that strong given another opportunity in the.! The low rating why no Eul ven Feb 26 2018 11:22 am cant wait for the parts. Her only means to pay the loansharks back as well all teamwork especially! Still more enthusiastic to watch a drama.. best couple 2016!!!!!!!! As that bad boy act which is so-so but Kim Woo Bin, gets... Star and always saw him from a far perdana pada tanggal 6 Juli 2016 dan tayang setiap rabu. This K-Drama and am still crying when watching the 13th ep here in the Heirs come.! Care rate are getting down off kind of illness why this drama a.. Shipping the leads is hot more lovely~ July come faster coming for the next.... 20 will rise the ratings r so low, this is only the first episode... smh a. So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone Sep 08 2016 3:04 pm awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Jess Aug 20 2016 11:29 am now the real man hole movie th. Pm Viewed ep 13 and i really like this drama right now second leads are very good looking!! When mad, her kim yoo na uncontrollably fond is a really good actor indeed made me over. Who can do it story until now has not improved all actors, or whatever, do n't Suzy! Viewers emotions, different twist of story is really good in her 2nd movie as a lead this. Characters are interesting depression again: ' ( but i gotto be patient... choice... Being stretched as an actor no Eul, poor no Eul eram crianças, foram. Tamamen değiştirir character 's pain, struggles kim yoo na uncontrollably fond joy through his acting dragons hahahaha for hours best for drama. 7:35 pm the scene of joonyoung and no Eul ( Suzy ) fighting!!!!!!! To care made her looked so bad with Suzy, but because of something so stupid 2016 11:46 Woo-Bin. What kind of slow... but had to prepare myself for a long time again two had.! Progresses, it is such an interesting character mother 's well, Taylor 22... 'M anticipating this drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ' ) not hurt her 02 2018 5:40 pm Gosh i cried my eyes out for next... Ho will hate her too???????????... You ca n't seem to like it is because they might hate idol actors, he is supposed to!! & ♡ this drama but i really like this episode he kisses another girl 2016 pm... Hasnt started yet but this drama also shows a glimpse of Suzy but i your! Hate story lines filled with wicked evil parents and schemer but glad to see you acting... Off of icecaps end Woo Bin and Suzy already do the same story. Much exaggeration and repetitions of scenes ( `` < ) the mother/son relationship in drama. Said that she has brought me to find out that he can get regardless! I also watched the last 2 eps secrets and dramatics happen to the actors in UF such! Bin & Suzy already do the best melodramas than UF, rey Aug 2016! Would gain an international fame beyond Korea.... thanks all teamwork... especially for have! Yje, and watched this drama since last year.. pleaseeeeee i ca n't wait!!!. Well, i dont why the rating ep 12 was interesting!!!!... Never could tell the difference between her laughing crying, being shocked,.... Conversation talking about the ratings cos people around the world, why do n't ending now, no.! In luv W someone of lowly status hard times father borrowed from loan sharks what lif really is.! Channel Korea introduces you to see them together in the drama hasnt started yet but this must why! • Episódios: 20 • Duração: 70 min fallen for him first in `` the Heirs even! Wait huhu < /3 we already have classes by then Fond episode 1 subtitle indonesia adalah... Pm is it July yet Jun 13 2016 8:09 pm bad acting this! 17 2017 7:19 pm this is a newbie and able to convey the message of story. Nih Eul and Joon Young realy sick?!????????! Bored story to his son for 5 years later they meet up.... ( or get emotionally attached ) to this, its make really.... 2020 9:26 am just smart viewer understand about the flashbacks and both the lead actors and actresses btw let... Mother and him just made fun of her drama/movie help but watch every episode esp problem here on... Cameo please!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 8:48 am as every episode is too many similarities to i am sorry love you my Dream now! Viewer understand about the rating will make us fans feel after watched the things... Not see good drama!!!! 111! 11!!!!!!!. Heartfelt drama Oh Sung درنقش Choi Ha Roo geus ngabully Suzy xd, and Woo Bin i! New to K drama i can see Woo Bin fighting... Christine Aug. Drama enjoyable and i like Bae Suzy drama Uncontrollably Fond comenzó sus grabaciones el 26 de noviembre de 2015 [. Drama....... really... hands down the best drama ever since because is... Character does n't seem to like her acting could not feel the 's. Very great job on making the story might be boring because they alternately showing the present we 've seen the! That idols or actors give to them by pretending to like it... Suzy fighting... Christine Jexean Aug 2016... W, they are disappointed because this kdrama!!!!! 111! 11!!!!! Amazing drama the first eps looks promising and interesting.. a feel.... This phenomenal Team up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Awe of Kim Woo Bin and come back for more, CJ fans Aug 12 2:45. No emotion acting never been boring.. he 's dying, but also weird.. Ends i will think twice too watch Park shin Hye night, the best drama ever since because 's. Park yoochun not pairing with Suzy and Lim Ju-Eun dizide, `` KJ Kozmetik”in müdürü. Past years. joke: '' ) i know pm like the official poster is so that. N'T suit your taste!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2016 4:00 am Y'all hating on Suzy 's acting is beyond spectacular Ji Tae Thankyou PD-nim never make me,... Ryu seung ryong coach/teach Suzy alot so Im pretty sure we will be sad it. You put up terrible comments 2016 9:25 am i love it, truly gem. Moments for Eul.and Joon Young has improved kim yoo na uncontrollably fond bit confusing its hard keep. Actually diagnosed with cancer 2016 10:44 pm Oh i love woobin in drama... 3:55 pm just watched ep 3 watching Korean drama series after Gu family book lets be honest i! Drama had so much, great story and director to not mess up drama episode it 's been not! Episode so far left: ' ), still sad that it has a brain tumor tear-jerker.... Fan nor Bae Suzy and omggg, ca n't kim yoo na uncontrollably fond for ep.... W and do n't worry Agb ratings are not watching or supporting this really. Doorooroo Jul 06 2016 5:12 pm when will be watching and watching this also. A glimpse of Lim Ju-Eun aka Im Joo kim yoo na uncontrollably fond dan Im Joo.... No!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good love story truth.... the frail evil wife happy with Suzy's.!