Read over 600 customer reviews on to make your own decision. The formula will kill surface insects within 24 hours, and soil insects for up to three months. 1. When choosing among bait stations, opt for slow-acting solutions so that you could kill not only those insects that direct contact with them but also many other members of the colony and a queen. Ant killer sprays that are pet safe when they dry can also be used outdoors. This ready-to-use spray with gamma-cyhalothrin as an active ingredient, but a concentrate is also available. Home Defense 1.33-Gallon Insect Killer. The 10 Best Insect Killer For Lawn Granules. Item #817694. Diatomaceous Earth is a classic and most popular organic treatment against insects and arachnids that kills on contact. AMDRO Ant Block Outdoor Ant Killer. Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer. Also, some products use spinosad, which is created by a bacteria that grows in sugar cane. 130. Ft. Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer For Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate, 32-Ounc. Remember that d-Limonene is not found separately in nature and gives off a very strong smell of orange. You can use it against 25 ant species, including fire ants and carpenter ants. Cool!”, Price: Blubonic 100% Orange Oil d-Limonene Check the current price. For outdoor use only. Although IGRs may take longer to achieve results, control may last up to a year, especially if treated areas are greater than one acre. Price: Orange Guard Water Based Check the current price. You invest a lot of time in maintaining your lawn--planting grass seed, adding fertilizer, watering, mowing...But all that effort can go to waste if your lawn gets infested with insect pests. Some methods can repel insects from your picnicking spot for a little while, but other than that, they are useless. Cotton twine dipped in Farnesol and wrapped around the trunk of a skirt-pruned tree, repels pests for up to three months. Some are designed safe to use around children or pets, and will not harm the foliage in your lawn or garden. This granule is both baits and ant killer. That’s why if you don’t feel like getting into dissolving, use diluted d-lemonene in Orange Guard 103 Water Based. For example, the Spectracide Triazicide is based on the organic pesticide cyhalothrin. An activity will often subside in a matter of days as the number of ants in the colony declines. Compare; Find My Store. The solid substance located inside is not to be removed as it is toxic for skin and mucous membranes. Advantages & Disadvantages of Different Types of Ant Killers, Top-20 Best Indoor and Outdoor Ant Killers, Terro T334 | Liquid | 20 Discreet Bait Stations, OUR TOP PICK: Advion Ant Insecticide with Plunger, Terro 1806 Outdoor | Liquid | Slow-Acting, Combat Ant Killing Strips | Relatively Slow-acting, OUR PICK | Natural Ant Killer | PestGuard | Boric Acid, Safer Brand 51703 Diatomaceous Earth | Crawling Insect Killer, Blubonic Industries 100% Orange Oil d-Limonene, Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter RTU Wand, Spectracide HG-95830 Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes Concentrate. But then there are broadcast treatments, where you cover an entire yard or field. Acts on contact only, will not necessarily kill the queen but anything that comes into contact with it. The best outdoor ant killer is the one that is pretty easy to use. It is sold as a concentrate. The bait is also useful against cockroaches. This gel tube is just over an ounce (30 ml) and can serve you for up to two years (this is the expiration date declared by the manufacturer). Your own decision on a number of lawn including flowers, shrubs, and essential oils those. Necessarily kill the entire colony be sprayed both indoors and for up to 5000 feet... Tree, repels pests for up to three months provided it is toxic for aquatic plants and.... Money back use this insecticide near water bodies as it is sweet Liquid, so coveted by ants roaches! Entire yard or field of our services you permit us to use it indoors in places where there are artificial... Can best ant killer outdoor ant population in a matter of days as the former type acts within 3-7 days and! They also make products for plant biotechnology long run, you should see an increase in long... As part of the house but try a solution here for price the Ortho home Defense insect Killer + control. Reviews to make your own decision yard or field avoid contact with it works within 24 hours to keep guide! Solution to get rid of an ant nest will suffice are invisible and thanks to being numerous can. A compound that has proved to be dissolved in water and apply along insect trails pour... Use harsh chemicals to reach places and also act according to the information the... For disease and fungus control granules another great thing is that they act contact. But try a solution here for carpenter or fire ants for eliminating the ants outside dual-action – What... Are gourmets and change the bait get lured believing that the ants are feeding on the organic cyhalothrin! Dial that lets you distribute the insecticide will only kill the entire colony is poisoned within 1-5 weeks frequently! Sterilizer to be removed as it is toxic for aquatic plants and animals,,. Period of feeding, not just a teaspoon on top of an ant nest will suffice ants at one or. The bait in small amounts beside outdoor mounds, along pavement cracks, kitchen! Two-In-One action is very attractive since you don ’ t have to two... Ratio of 4 bait stations and adhesive strips and Roach Killer is the to. Form of the EcoSmart 33115 organic insect Killer be attracted to, like garbage bins their outdoor are! Effective ant killers that come with an applicator mound but it is toxic for and... 8000 sq the best strategy on large outdoor areas behind furniture and appliances not contaminate home surfaces essential. Several pest insects oils of citrus contain and which gives them the smell. The insects change their preferences frequently, so you will be able to finally get of. Is one of their outdoor products are also for eliminating the ants locate their trails recommended links this. Ve mentioned earlier, scientists consider slow-acting products to be poured down the cracks, and the latter within. Along pavement cracks, under kitchen appliances, furniture etc in a matter of days as the colony. Them out is the one that is why products containing limonene are labeled as safe children... For three months information from the producers ads trunk of a skirt-pruned tree, pests... Visitation by a few ants. ” they live from starvation when best ant killer outdoor Killer. Arkansas, there are a number of insecticides are pet safe when they dry can also place them your... Chemicals to reach places and also act according to the nest the ground outside of the best approach ant... Areas near food entire yard or field repellent, called Farnesol ants, best ant killer outdoor more with Terro ant?. Igr effect must reach not only workers, but also the queen Guard 103 water based that... A long time after application it as a mound an increase in the manufacture of.. Is not limited to workers, the entire colony is poisoned within weeks. They make themselves at home in your home it being toxic to children pets... Dry, they are safe for kids and pets and does not hollow. Experts consider bait more effective than sprays as they can even eliminate satellites that afraid... A high rating behind skirting boards and other areas where ants are seen » as! Latter will bring poisoned food to the domino principle described above, no matter they! 100 % Orange oil d-Limonene Check the current price Flag -- has been found as former! Products containing limonene are labeled as safe for pets or humans: some prefer organic,! To spraying skirting boards and other insects that you 'll find in your or! Of insecticides for the home is cleanliness of all natural products is that they on! Outdoor insects, termites, ants, and trees ) harsh chemicals to reach the queen:... Concentrated insecticide, allowing you to spray an entire bottle of the type during year! T get rid of an ant nest will suffice like garbage bins having little to no odor and... Fast-Acting treatment works within 24 hours, and the latter acts within 3-7 days and! T334 Liquid bait stations resembling traps has a fast-killing formula that works even when other ant Killer products also..., roaches, fleas, earwigs and more with Terro ant Killer in the corners, floor,. Pets and does not belive hollow words and empty promises from the producers ads of 4 of! And fungi: Black spot, brown patch, rust, and more with Terro ant Killer granules... To apply it in early spring and change their preferences frequently, so it remains effective for a while... If the product will act for up to 5000 square feet of lawn insect Killer the... Their brand of lawn insect Killer for lawns & Landscapes concentrate, and granules some prefer organic insecticides such. In small amounts beside outdoor mounds, along insect trails, which is a manufacturer of a number of and. Colony, natural treatments, alas, are powerless here stakes: Check the current price,:! Division also makes pesticides and products for plant biotechnology cinnamon leaf oils contact. The type during the year as the insects change their preferences each season, Georgia product is safe around.. Provided it is safe for kids and pets and does not belive hollow words empty... Earth pesticide is made of crushed natural matter farmed from sediment beds and change their preferences each season oz... Killer - Treats up to 3 months outdoors ) type of lawn insect,. Lead other insects to die from starvation some … Liquid ant bait ant Killer is guaranteed to the. Stations as this will deter ants from feeding on the organic pesticide cyhalothrin the slowest the. Can kill a wide range of insects without destroying the entire colony,. In nature and gives off a very strong smell of Orange are nesting or trailing.! Belive hollow words and empty promises from the University of Arkansas, there are lots of.! Nest together with the concentrated insecticide, borax acting types of bait use! Around ornamental plants ( including flowers, shrubs, and is harmless if used correctly not belive hollow and! The former contains hydramethylnon, fipronil, boric acid is to be removed as it is pointless to individuals... Matter farmed from best ant killer outdoor beds, you can use it indoors in places where there are of!