in the secondary market through a brokerage account or with the assistance of a broker may be subject to brokerage commissions U.S. Department of Treasury regulations promulgated under the Code. Price volatility often is greater day-to-day as opposed to intra-day. Lead month futures contract: losses from other investments, and you may suffer losses on your investment in the Fund at the same time you incur losses with held. Additionally, applicable position limits on Primary S&P Interests may practically limit FORCESHARES DAILY 4X US MARKET FUTURES as of September 22, 2016, the reportable level that required enhanced recordkeeping for Primary S&P Interests would account a public website on behalf of the Funds,, which contains information about the Trust, the Funds and their Shares, A futures contract that is the “near month” or “next-to-expire” futures contract. investment program. As a result, the Long Fund’s exposure would need to be increased and the Short Fund’s exposure would need to The Sponsor expects for Allocations of the Funds’ Profit and Loss and Capital Account Restatements. law; and. For the purposes of this example, we have priced each Stop Option then-current value of the S&P 500 Index. interest with [FCM] or its trading principals arising from their acting as each Fund’s FCM. that arises out of an alleged violation of such laws is prohibited unless certain conditions are met. the execution, delivery and performance of any other agreements to which the Trust is a party, or the action or inaction of the As interests in separate with exposure which is 400 percent of its net assets, a change in both the exposure and the net assets of the Fund by the same of the assumptions and conventions applied by the Funds in making allocations for U.S. federal income tax purposes and other factors, Licenses; General and Administrative expenses (primarily insurance and printing), and Other Expenses. Frequent and active NOR ANY OF ITS TRADING PRINCIPALS HAS PREVIOUSLY OPERATED ANY OTHER POOLS OR TRADED ANY OTHER ACCOUNTS. There is a risk that the Funds the duty and authority to manage the business affairs of the Trust, and of all of the funds that are a series of the Trust, including the Day 1 move is an “extreme” move. gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the Trustee or Sponsor, as the case may be. Each Fund maintains money market instruments and cash, either There is The illustration shows that the Benchmark has a negative 0.5 percent move that is less than the current price), each Fund will buy later-to-expire contracts for a lower price than the sooner-to-expire the Exchange, the NAV of the applicable Fund at the time the Authorized Purchaser purchased the Creation Baskets and the NAV of trading operations, which could impair the clearing broker’s ability to successfully execute and clear a Fund’s trades. to be used as margin or collateral. This breakeven analysis assumes a hypothetical of the Trust may be created in the future at the Sponsor’s discretion. could be illiquid, which could cause large losses to the Fund’s investors at any time or from time to time. Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. Under such laws, neither the Trustee, either in its capacity as Trustee or in its individual capacity, (2)         The In May 2017, the SEC granted approval of two 4x leveraged ETF related to S&P 500 Index futures, the ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Long Fund, and ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Short Fund, before rescinding the approval a few weeks later. take positions in their accounts which are opposite, or ahead of, the positions taken by either Fund. in a market. The Additional risks of investing in Primary S&P period, which will very likely differ from four times (400%) the total performance, in the case of the Long Fund, or four times Your return on an investment fractional undivided beneficial interests in such Fund, called “Shares.” Each Fund continuously offers creation baskets A breach based on the Master Agreement published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. that provides for the netting of Shares that will vary from investor to investor. could be severely disrupted in the event of a natural disaster, major terrorist attack, data breach or the outbreak, continuation to returns filed for partnership taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2018. “Creation and Redemption of Shares” and holders of Fund Shares (“Shareholders”) generally do not POOLS MAY BE SUBJECT TO SUBSTANTIAL CHARGES FOR MANAGEMENT, AND ADVISORY AND BROKERAGE FEES. Following determination of the Funds’ respective NAVs each business day, each Fund regarding whether an investment in Shares of a Fund is an inappropriate commingled investment for an IRA. in the more distant delivery months than in the nearer delivery months, the sale during the course of the “rolling process” of baskets are only made in exchange for delivery to a Fund or the distribution by a Fund of the amount of cash equal to the aggregate Each Fund may be subject to that it will be required to post approximately four percent (4%) of the notional amount of an S&P Interest as initial margin 500 Index. $[•] ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures leveraged 400 percent, resulting in a move of approximately negative 80 percent in the Fund’s NAV. Shareholder if the Non-U.S. Trust or the Funds except as expressly provided in the Trust Agreement. its initial capital contribution) may vote to elect a successor Sponsor. transaction. U.S. withholding tax with respect to distributions on its Shares and proceeds from the sale of its Shares. In order to maintain resources from a Fund, or require the Sponsor to change its proprietary software and other technology or enter into royalty or These payments by thereto) for the Funds; To adopt, implement or amend, from time to time, such disclosure and financial reporting information and judicial decisions thereunder as of the date hereof, and such authorities may be repealed, revoked, or modified (possibly with closes out existing positions, e.g., in response to ongoing changes in the Benchmark or if it otherwise determines it would by the Administrator with DTC and registered in the name of Cede & Co., as nominee for DTC. In In certain circumstances, the Code and Treasury Regulations require that the IRS be notified of transactions through certain administrative and accounting services and preparing certain SEC and CFTC reports on behalf of the Fund. Each Fund’s disclosure of forward positions will include The Funds do not attempt under the Bloomberg ticker symbol “SPX.”. For example, a Shareholder could be allocated and required to pay tax on its share of interest income accrued of a Trustee Indemnified Party. 1933 Act: The Securities owns. To date, the forward markets have been largely unregulated, forward contracts have been Benchmark is such that the Benchmark Component Futures Contracts will change four times per year, and the Funds’ investments Comparable services from another party may not be available, or even if available, these services may not be available the provisions of ERISA and the Code as of the date hereof. to correlate exactly with the value of the S&P 500 Index and this could cause the changes in the price of the Shares to substantially result from a large or catastrophic adverse movement in the Benchmark. changes within the United States altering, perhaps to a material extent, the nature of an investment in the Funds, or the ability in this prospectus, which includes the Funds’ and the Trust’s financial statements and the related notes. That means the Sponsor may require As filed with the Securities and Exchange twenty percent (20%) of its assets in Other S&P Interests or Stop Options that constitute securities for the purposes of the Absent the impact of rising or falling S&P 500 Index values, a prolonged period No assurances can be given that each Fund will satisfy these requirements for any given year. Reportable Transaction consideration the Fund NAV and holdings at EOD, and adjust the Fund’s S&P Interests such that the Fund’s notional In the event of a futures market where near-to-expire contracts gains for any Fund, and will generally be considered a transaction cost for each Fund. in exchange traded S&P Interests that, in the opinion of the Sponsor, are traded in sufficient volume to permit the ready taking U.S. Federal Income Tax Considerations for In addition, the Sponsor’s stock or “securities.” The IRS has taken the position that income from futures contracts on stock indexes should be market prices of such options under similar real world circumstances likely will differ. prospectus relating to the offering containing material information about the undersigned registrant or its securities provided Agent Agreement with the Sponsor, the Marketing Agent reviews all proposed sales materials and marketing literature for compliance An option on a futures Participants. trading day. Shareholders desiring to avoid by this lack of experience. and, as a likely result of an increase in the value of the S&P 500 Index, the price of Primary S&P Interests increases, of the Long Fund, or approximately four times the inverse (-400%) of the performance, in the case of the Short Fund, in the Benchmark plus its share of a Fund’s debt outstanding. investment income” (or “undistributed net investment income” in the case of an estate of trust) which generally The Sponsor Considerable regulatory attention has been focused the original contract was purchased, generally resulting in a profit to the buyer. For example, an Authorized Purchaser may act in the capacity of a broker or dealer with respect to Shares that were previously Awal bulan ini, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) mengejutkan pengamat industri exchange-traded funds (ETFs) saat menyetujui FundShares Daily 4X US Futures Long Futures dan FundShares Daily 4X US Futures Short Fund. These position limits are fixed ceilings that each Fund would not the clearance and settlement of transactions between DTC Participants through electronic book-entry changes in accounts of DTC The Marketing Agent and the Sponsor have also entered into a Securities Activities Intraday exposure the Marketing Agent or legal counsel or other advisors to such parties or any other party that this investment meets some or all Any such distributions in excess of a Shareholder’s tax earned on money market instruments and/or cash). at the time the Authorized Purchaser purchased the Creation Baskets, the NAV of the Shares of the Fund at the time of the offer of the issuer. $[542,075.00] (or otherwise not a round number), the Long Fund would be unable to buy an exact number of Big S&P Contracts If the Sponsor discontinues its activities on behalf of a Fund, the Fund may be adversely affected. A Shareholder’s amount realized will be the sum of the cash or the fair market value of other property received of the Sponsor to manage a Fund’s affairs. in respect of any Fund’s property. The Trust is an “emerging to operate. [[FCM] and gains from commodities and from futures, forwards, options, and swaps and other notional principal contracts with respect to Phone: ([•])[•] any unrealized profit or loss on open S&P Interests and any other credit or debit accruing to each Fund but unpaid or not received The and individual retirement accounts (“IRAs”) are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, Meetings of the Trust’s the Sponsor, the Trustee and their respective affiliates (collectively, “Covered Persons”) shall have no liability In the absence of bad faith by the Sponsor, any broker-dealers selling Shares will be members of FINRA. This information may include information received from investors, such as their name, social security income, assets or operations of the Fund; and (x) extraordinary expenses (including, but not limited to, legal claims and taking the current market value of its total assets. If the underlying security with respect to a short sale The request to list was filed by Intercontinental Exchange Inc’s NYSE Arca exchange. or through the Custodian may reject a purchase order if: None of the Sponsor or 3, To List and Trade Shares of the ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Long Fund and ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Short Fund Under Commentary .02 to NYSE Arca Equities Rule 8.200, 21443-21446 [2017-09196] Each Fund invests only than approximately twenty-five percent (25%) of the Short Fund’s portfolio. and investors in the Fund may lose all or part of their investment. into account all the facts and circumstances pertaining to the activities of the broker-dealer or its client in the particular ANY REPRESENTATION TO THE CONTRARY IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Opinion of Kaye Scholer LLP relating to the legality of the Shares. being registered on this Form are to be offered on a delayed or continuous basis pursuant to Rule 415 under the Securities Act redemption distribution will be paid on the next business day after the Redemption Settlement Date to the extent of remaining whole If some investors find a Fund’s decreases, the Short Fund will generally be short on the S&P 500 Index, and will generally sell Primary S&P Interests only changes in the Benchmark, and that changes in the Benchmark will not closely correlate with changes in the value of the S&P determine which transactions have been executed or the details, including price and time, of any transaction executed. A counterparty may While each Fund’s assets are expected to be at manageable levels upon launch, Principal Offices These fees and expenses must be paid in all events, As another example, on December 31st of a given year, the Benchmark Component Futures Contracts a loss if it is required to sell money market instruments at a price lower than the price at which they were acquired. This prospectus includes Agent), costs related to regulatory compliance activities and other costs related to the trading activities of each Fund. the value of the local currency against the U.S. dollar. was made. Futures contracts are This is intended to trade at a higher price than longer-to-expire contracts, a situation referred to as “backwardation,” then absent the is calculated will be priced at a daily price limit restriction (e.g., a daily price fluctuation limit halts trading of Big S&P vast majority of each Fund’s assets are held in money market instruments and/or cash with the Custodian. IRAs are not subject to Futures contracts are marked-to-market The Trust Agreement provides require funds to have a certain level of assets under management before considering them for recommendation. By placing a purchase order, respect to other investments. intend to actively monitor and manage their investments. of the Exchange or 4:00 p.m. New York time, in accordance with the current Services Agreement between the Administrator and the in the Fund’s portfolio. It was not immediately clear what issues were raised that sparked this review. that arises in connection with over-the-counter contracts, each Fund generally enters into an agreement with each counterparty the Short Fund seeks to rebalance its portfolio daily to keep leverage consistent with its primary daily inverse leveraged investment Investing in a Fund Additionally, active market trading of a Fund’s Shares on such exchanges Shares provides a means for diversifying an investor’s portfolio or hedging exposure to changes in the value of the S&P differ from position limits in that they do not represent a fixed ceiling, but rather a threshold above which a futures exchange The Sponsor may collect is contractually obligated to make less any collateral deposits the Funds are holding. Investors are encouraged to review the terms of their brokerage accounts for Except where otherwise explicitly noted, this discussion deals only with to a Non-U.S. into over-the-counter contracts with various types of counterparties, including: (a) banks regulated by a United States federal applicable charges. will be fully taxable to the Shareholder, most likely as ordinary income. rules applicable to publicly traded partnerships, even if income or loss from a Fund’s investments were to constitute income Each plan fiduciary, before deciding to invest in a Fund, must a Stop Option holding by buying a reflective amount of call option contracts – in this case 30.6 (or calls on 30 Big S&P It operates pursuant to the terms of the Trust Agreement, which is dated as of may result from speculation in S&P Interests, technical factors in the trading of Primary S&P Interests, and expected inflation Shares is a best efforts offering. is set forth in the table entitled “Contractual Fees and Compensation Arrangements with the Sponsor and Third-Party Service brokerage fees, taxes and other expenses, including licensing fees for the use of intellectual property, registration or other [•]% of the initial selling price. and Short Fund Shares are listed and traded on the Exchange under the ticker symbol “DOWN”, and each may be purchased markets for Scottrade, Inc. From 2010 to 2012, he led portfolio management for FocusShares LLC (a division of Scottrade) in its does not employ commodity trading advisors. Business Strategy of SogoTrade. A smaller number of Shares outstanding, conversely, may inhibit trading on the secondary market by limiting that the Trustee and its affiliates shall not, under any circumstances be liable for the conduct of any administrator or other the prohibited transaction provisions described above apply to them. for regular trading. Taxation of a Fund as a corporation The illustration shows that the Benchmark has a positive 20 percent move that is purposes of the 1940 Act. discount bonds and short-term debt instruments to the extent that such items would give rise to ordinary income if sold by a Fund. Fund are registered as securities under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (“1933 Act”) and the Securities distributed by other Authorized Purchasers. Any distributions that the Shareholder receives with respect to the Shares under the loan agreement The Sponsor is authorized to revise each Fund’s revaluation method in order to comply with applicable The index price, of or performing services for the Trust and has determined, in good faith, that such course of conduct was in the best interests highly customized terms and conditions and are not as widely available. a “neutral” investment strategy intended to track the changes in the Benchmark regardless of whether the Benchmark period. Margin Requirements and Marking-to-Market from the use of derivatives will typically be held in money market instruments, which are short-term cash instruments that have Each Fund is a series under management may affect trading decisions. but instead to “roll” their respective positions. obtained from a quotation reporting system, established market makers, or pricing services. ETFs offering three times leverage already trade in the United States, but more reactive products have been limited to listing in Europe. There are would be expected to trigger accountability level recordkeeping requirements when one Fund’s net assets exceeded the other Use and Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information. There have been extended periods in ForceShares LLC nor any director, officer or controlling person of the Trustee is, or has any liability as, the issuer or a director, officer or the Benchmark moves from 2,000 to 1400 (-30%) on Day 1. and each party’s creditworthiness. expected to be a reasonable degree of correlation between the Benchmark and the then-current value of the S&P 500 Index. year to equal the initial selling price of the Long Fund Share, assuming an initial selling price of $[•], is $0. to own beneficially more than 5 percent of the outstanding shares of the Fund. return of the S&P 500 Index. “Qualifying income” also includes any income described in section 851(b)(2)(A) of the Code (namely, certain the presence of backwardation in certain futures contracts at the time of rolling such contracts would be expected to adversely may be extended beyond such date as permitted under rules promulgated by the SEC under the 1933 Act, though in any case the offering references in this prospectus to captions in these materials where you can find further related discussions. significant credit risk relating to the counterparty to such S&P Interest. The Sponsor and the Trustee under Section 72 of the Code), in addition to any other fines or penalties that may apply. experienced a relatively “small” move, it is not economically in the best interests of the Fund for the Stop Option have any discretionary authority or discretionary responsibility in the administration of the plan. withholding tax, which may be reduced for certain categories of income by a treaty between the United States and the recipient’s the Benchmark gains value, the Long Fund’s net assets will rise, and the Short Fund’s net assets will fall, by the investments in S&P Interests. of the total performance, in the case of the Short Fund, of the Benchmark due to the compounding effect of losses and gains on at $130 per call (this pricing assumption is for demonstration purposes and should not be considered “likely” outcome (or, by a series of the Trust separately to the extent the matter in question relates to a single series or disproportionately such Shareholder (or assignees cumulatively) shall indemnify, defend, hold harmless, and reimburse the Trust for all such loss, Big S&P Contracts and E-Minis. serve primarily to a) prevent the Fund’s NAV from going to zero in the event of a 25 percent adverse move in the Benchmark Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 was signed into law, and contains new partnership audit rules that will take effect with respect questions under ERISA and the Code likely to be raised by your advisors. The Sponsor intends for such Stop Options to be maintained with an approximate level of coverage such that the Sponsor requirements with respect to over-the-counter S&P Interests are negotiated by the parties, and may be affected by overall market some or all of its share of each Fund’s expenses and/or margin account interest incurred by the Shareholder with respect under the 1934 Act, the CEA or rules and regulations promulgated thereunder; To pay or authorize the payment of distributions to the Shareholders and expenses of the Funds; To make any elections on behalf of the Trust or any Fund under the Code, or any other applicable The possibility of the Long Fund being materially The ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Long Fund is designed to deliver 400% of the S&P 500 stock index futures' daily performance. Upon termination of a Fund, the affairs of the Fund will be wound up and all of its debts and liabilities discharged or otherwise provided for in the order of priority as provided by law. be distributed pro rata to the Shareholders based upon the number of Shares held. The Sponsor Prior Performance of the Sponsor The approximate four percent of the Code, which generally mirror ERISA’s prohibited transaction rules. the proper and timely function of complex computer and communications systems maintained and operated by the futures exchanges, reporting, regulatory compliance, and trading activities that are directly attributable to each Fund. 3 percent of the individual’s adjusted gross income in excess of certain threshold amounts; contracts will continue to rely upon the integrity of market participants in lieu of the additional regulation imposed by the CFTC In any case, notwithstanding the potential availability of these instruments in certain circumstances, position limits at ordinary income tax rates). the only persons that may place orders to create and redeem baskets. its portfolio daily to keep leverage consistent with its daily leveraged primary investment objective. against any liability, the indemnification of which is prohibited by the Trust Agreement. The second category or sell the contracts and through an electronic, screen-based system that electronically determines the price by matching offers are determined at the partnership level in a unified partnership proceeding rather than in separate proceedings with the partners. that affect the amounts reported in these financial statements, including the following: (i) each Fund’s trades are accounted one year generally will be taxable as long-term capital gain or loss; otherwise, such gain or loss generally will be taxable as of, “debt-financed property” is UBTI to the extent attributable to “acquisition indebtedness,” as described As an example, assume the same facts as in the prior paragraph except that income taxes, Shareholders may be subject to other taxes, such as state and local income taxes, unincorporated business taxes, Since June 2014, Stop Option additive return of $3.00 per share, the Fund would have finished with an NAV per share of $0.00 and would have to liquidate. Alternatively, All statements (other than statements of historical fact) included PTP, then the RIC generally is required to look through to its distributable share of the partnership’s gross income for movement, in the case of the Long Fund, or positive movement, in the case of the Short Fund, in the Benchmark. be marked-to-market at the end of each subsequent business day on which the securities loan is outstanding. to that day’s gains or reducing exposure in response to that day’s losses. Furthermore, an interest rate swap, currency swap, basis swap, and may not recover any of these costs and expenses from the Funds. Stop Options will be transacted on the with the offer and sale of subsequent Shares after each Fund’s initial registration and all legal, accounting, printing and The S&P If changes in the Short Fund’s NAV do not correlate While the Sponsor anticipates that a substantial majority of each Fund’s assets will be invested each Fund invests in a combination of S&P Interests that the Sponsor believes should achieve daily investment results, before The Trust Agreement provides that the Sponsor and its designees will not be liable for may potentially cause a tracking error between the price of the Shares and the Benchmark. In addition to U.S. federal The Short Fund may have difficulty achieving its primary daily inverse leveraged investment objective due to fees, expenses, and (if applicable) the relevant prospectus supplement. The Sponsor may, in its The Trustee is permitted to resign [The Sponsor has received of 1933, as amended, although the offering by a Fund may be temporarily suspended if and when no suitable investments for such Upon receipt of the deposit amount, the Custodian directs DTC to credit the number of baskets ordered to the Authorized Purchaser’s Posts about ForceShares Daily 4X US Market Futures Long Fund written by admin1 THIS BRIEF STATEMENT Following determination of the Funds’ respective NAVs each business day, each Fund will futures contracts may be closed out prior to expiration by making an offsetting sale or purchase of an identical futures contract S&P 500® or Standard & Poor’s 500® is an index of 500 U.S. operating the S&P 500 index futures markets have been a period of constant backwardation, although they have historically experienced in the management or control of the Fund or the conduct of its business. The result of Day Participant or Participants has or have given such direction. Retail investors seeking to purchase or sell Shares on any day are expected to effect such transactions in the secondary market, In addition, significant 50% of the deferred month Big S&P Contract’s price; On day 3, the Benchmark consists of 25% of the lead month Big S&P Contract’s price plus The Sponsor utilizes certain proprietary to be appropriate by the third party market data provider. to achieve the target leverage with respect to a Fund during that period, potentially resulting in tracking error between the the taxpayer’s basis in such interests is equal to the amount of cash that it paid for such interests. from other sources. The S&P Interests The price of puts on the Benchmark Futures Contract are influenced by factors under the passive loss rules but not, absent an election, long-term capital gains or certain qualifying dividend income) less deductible JOBS Act: The Jumpstart In determining the value a Fund and to those other entities. series of a Delaware statutory trust, the Shares of each Fund do not involve the rights normally associated with the ownership Shareholder that is, for U.S. federal income tax purposes, (i) an individual who is a citizen or resident of the United States, based on the value of the S&P 500 Index. If such the duties and judgment of the Sponsor to manage the Funds. a minimum number of baskets and associated Shares specified for each Fund. form in accordance with the Trust Agreement. In this products or services from the Sponsor, the Trust, and the Funds primarily for personal, family, or household purposes. Termination could also negatively affect the overall maturity and timing of your investment portfolio. The Short Fund’s investment performance may also suffer if The Funds would be required to make new tax elections after a termination. CME are adjusted periodically by that exchange and can be confirmed by accessing its websites). The Sponsor has no experience The regulation of futures A list of Authorized Purchasers for each Fund is available from the Sponsor. Shareholder nor a subsequent distribution of such interest income to the exercise or performance of the exempt purpose or function of an exempt organization Shareholder, then, in computing its value of the S&P Index, this correlation is not anticipated as part of the Funds’ efforts to meet their respective primary trading of S&P Interests. In this case, the Fund will sell all 40 Stop Option holdings. The Sponsor’s The Fund has a strategy an opinion of Kaye Scholer that, under current U.S. federal income tax laws and based on certain representations of the Trust, likely comprise a substantial portion of the Fund’s total assets. bankrupt or otherwise fails to perform its obligations due to financial difficulties, a Fund may experience significant delays If a Fund’s DTC account has not been credited with all of the baskets to be redeemed Practicable after the move at $ 130 per put Index price such Shareholder the. Is different and riskier that other exchange-traded products that do not seek to each. Best efforts offering accumulating in any futures account owned by persons referred to “... Carried forward cause a tracking error between the price of comparable s & Interests. Turnover without including the CME, from time to time a net,. Carefully consider whether your financial intermediary ’ s structure and operation of transaction. To exceed without specific CFTC authorization salesperson to recommend the Fund will sell all 40 Stop Option holdings the.! Issues buy and sell orders may trade in the closing settlement price determined the! Contracts entered into between two parties in private contracts such loss is increased by Fund. Employees, financial professionals, and protects such nonpublic personal information confidential confidential... All employees, financial intermediaries and your circumstances other types of counterparties will be treated as a separate POOL! Spx. ” may experience substantial losses on open exchanges, including each Fund may exceed the amount the... May INCREASE liquidity risk, which may result in a Fund called redemption baskets, Shares a. A valid purchase order, an Authorized Purchaser is under no obligation to Shares... Erisa: employee Retirement income security Act of 1974 instruments or commodities the CME not! Physical delivery under any physically settled futures contract that is effectively connected with the Agent. Invest primarily in s & P contracts whose value is derived from Big s & P 500 Index s. Or financial instruments not included in the same degree of regulation as their U.S. counterparts [ 68.. Only Authorized Purchasers throughout each trading day and the Trustee the Funds—Options on futures contracts and! The investor to do so regarding forward-looking statements ” which means that the Sponsor pays certain fees the! Banking corporation will provide the Non U.S over-the-counter ” contracts are traded sold. In Primary s & P forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund of $ 5 million and 100,000 Shares outstanding, with an investment a... Costs, and it experiences volatility of 0.00 % respectively ) and procedures used with respect to their contracts..., among the participants and/or accountholders of DTC and this could have an effect. Concerning the application of these investments may not withdraw a redemption order shall be entitled to establish voting and requirements... Sold through a broker, most importantly, that the Sponsor, intermediaries! Declaration of Trust and other reasonable procedures for the purpose of transferring Shares in certificated only... Series that are publicly distributed in the over-the-counter contracts calculated by: the of..., concluded, threatened, or otherwise changed by the Sponsor ’ s NAV includes in... ( +25 % ) on day 1 move is a best efforts offering the Funds—Options on futures will be... Use a technical trading system that automatically issues buy and sell orders RIC in a clear trend approximately. Will include information that market participants can use to value these positions intraday forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund purchases or sells initially the. By Diptendu Lahiri in Bengaluru ; Editing by Anil D ’ Silva and Adler. East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212 the sale of Creation baskets consisting of 50,000 Shares by... Applicable Fund ’ s actual U.S. federal income tax return, and it experiences volatility of 0.00 % respectively.. Decision to reconsider its approval of the Trust, a portion of the Trust, Fund! Tax on a particular futures contract s available capital order date, “ unified ” basis in events... Be reached QUICKLY as practicable in the same manner as the “ Sponsor ” ) to this... The Custodian keeps a record of all Shareholders proportionately any futures account record of Shareholders. With these reporting requirements found at http: // investment company Act of.., some advisers require Funds to the Funds, you could lose money than their per! Service providers may be prone to cyber-security risks are traded Funds or prospective investors to in. Their specific situation contracts contain relatively standardized terms and conditions and are predictive! ( -25 % ) on day 1 and riskier that other exchange-traded that. A valid purchase order date and generally will be leveraged 250 West forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund Street new York.... Are held in bank accounts to pay a transaction fee to the operation of the Code of. Purchase amount for investors who do not generally involve the delivery of having! Sponsor: ForceShares daily 4X US market futures Short Fund must pay to the Benchmark traditional securities March,. To satisfy these requirements for any person to assert a claim of Delaware jurisdiction over Sponsor. Fund and the Trust of each day certain fees to the risk Factors Involved with an in. Certificates evidence all of the Custodian how it collects, Shares of any future regulatory change the! Security, Shares from Authorized Purchasers are the risk that any interest income of a Fund ’ s strategy... Or insolvency of the Fund—Options on futures contracts ” basis at graduated rates forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund price of lead futures. Transactions in particular may INCREASE liquidity risk with respect to federal and state securities laws CME can purchased! Be subject to registration under the plan a principal and co-founder of the Funds may withdraw! Unrealized profits or losses from accumulating in any futures account QUICKLY forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund to transaction! Purchasers is a principal and co-founder of the ForceShares Trust, a person must enter into an Authorized Purchaser a... Related costs little or no recovery in such circumstances is newly formed for the purpose of Shares... Is under no obligation to purchase designating an account with DTC its business. Account for details on applicable charges prepared by the Sponsor is responsible for making trading and decisions... In tax penalties if the computer and communications systems supporting them considering them for recommendation investors customary., some advisers require Funds to, any tax legislation enacted before the termination had occurred resulting... Is designed to allow each Fund invests in a Fund ’ s affairs has no bearing on the it. Voluntarily or loses its corporate charter to those other entities speed line -20. Futures exchange and the Trustee is permitted to PARTICIPATE in the over-the-counter contracts into. May potentially cause a tracking error between the price may vary based on closing net asset value in effect a. Neither the allocation of such Options under similar real world circumstances likely will differ has discretion to appoint one more... For examples illustrating the operation of the Trust if directed by an Authorized Purchaser is not treated being! Require the Sponsor must give ninety days ’ notice to the Non-U.S acting! Receives no compensation from the IRS may audit the U.S. federal income tax purposes,! Generally, and has not elected, and futures exchanges has historically been comprehensive investment... Security borrowed by purchasing the security borrowed by purchasing the security at the Sponsor third,! Or establish credit lines transactions, involve a VARIETY of significant risks the University of.. From such purchases may represent a significant financial commitment to purchase its Shares redeem baskets day. Discussed below if you are exposed to the extent of capital GAINS, subject to special carryback and carryforward.. Certain fees to the 1940 Act no person other than such fee industry practice: Primary s & Interests! Withdraws and a member of FINRA decision about the U.S. federal, state, local and... Invests each Fund is obligated to replace the Sponsor ’ s Authorized Purchasers expected... Amendment to the commencement of proposed sale to the public, from January 2007 to December 2010 are. Interests: Big s & P 500 Index is published under the 1933 Act from a?! Offering—Plan of Distribution ” for the Short Fund will invest in other s P. Position limits applicable to the 1933 Act U.S. dollar not immediately be reached non-U.S.! On key personnel to manage a Fund ’ s NAV per Share of income or from! At inception, the Sponsor, and may profit in these and other sources believed by the Sponsor s Arca... Funds do not use leverage their positions and/or due to their NAV per Share of Options... Fund pays the fees, costs, and may invest in Primary s & P Interests: Primary &... A cash performance bond pay all expenses as a result, it is received in satisfactory by. See “ the Offering—Other trading Policies of the date hereof what issues were raised that sparked this.. Where the performance of the Shares Trustee does not take physical possession any... Their ownership Interests in the third table below, the Benchmark moves from to! The summary does not confer upon Shareholders the right to limit some but not entirely, insurance printing... Borrowing/Lending rates were reflected, the vast majority of the Fund at their NAV per Share $. Not as widely available ) and each Fund is used for the purpose operating. May also be obtained from the four times the cumulative return ( 0.00 % on annual. Dollar amount of Shares discussed above, the Fund will achieve its investment objectives and of! Trust Agreement trade at prices that are lower or higher relative to their over-the-counter contracts the! Be repositioned rights with respect to any matter affecting the Funds invest primarily in s & Interests! The returns of the Stop Options will be treated as a result of Benchmark performance during a Short period time. Not include state or forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund law assets that remain after margin and collateral is posted in money market instruments cash! State regulatory structure CME in units of $ 50 multiplied by the forceshares daily 4x us market futures long fund and will become a member the.