This usually includes telling her that Naruto is nearby, or just mentioning her reactions to him to other people, much to her embarrassment. As the rest of his friends began searching for a wedding present for Naruto and Hinata, Kiba and Akamaru united with Shino to find the best wedding present but realise they cannot collaboratively decide on a gift and request the aid of Kurenai. Kiba during the Fourth Shinobi World War. By adding a shadow clone, they can transform into a three-headed wolf and use the more powerful Tail Chasing Fang Fang Rotating Fang. Now she has a bully following and his enemies and two protective best friends. Weight. Before they leave, Kiba worries about the injured medical-nin but as Katsuyu tells him she will take care of them; Tsume and Kiba then continue chasing the path. Main article: Naruto Shippūden the Movie: The Will of Fire Kiba fights and attacks with the ferocity of a beast, utilising his sharp claws and other attributes he gains from his Four Legs Technique. They fought him together, but no-one was able to land a single blow. [19], According to the third databook, Kiba learned how to use the Whirlwind Wolf Fang (旋風狼牙, Senpū Rōga) between Part I and Part II. By: HoneyFlower15. After San summons and fuses himself with her and Ichi, Kiba along with the Konoha 11 starts fighting the new powerful beast. However, Kiba's powerful sense of smell can't detect stuff like a double-edged sword, as being exposed to strong odours can incapacitate him. He can use the Shadow Clone Technique,[18] and an advanced version of the Transformation Technique, using them to perform his clan's advanced techniques. Eventually, Naruto finds them and breaks through the barrier, allowing Inoichi, through a telepathic connection, to release the technique and restore Kiba and the others to their bodies. Main article: Five Kage Summit Inuzuka Kiba (Inuzuka Kiba, 犬塚キバ) Debut. Requests are open! While inside, Kiba fought several clones of Guren, until Naruto and the rest of Team 7 arrived to help them escape. [30], As Kiba and Akamaru continued following the scent, they soon found it multiplied and scattered throughout the area. Kakashi fell in love with a princess from the Inuzuka Clan. He is also capable of using Earth and Yang Release.[4]. Upon leading the others to Guren's location by following the bats, they were overwhelmed by a tidal wave created by the Three-Tails. However, the Sound Four inform their enemies that in time, their actual bodies' halted chakra flow will eventually cause them to die. Afterwards, he was seen rushing to Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi, informing them that Tsunade had been dismissed as Hokage, and that Danzō was now the acting Sixth Hokage. your own Pins on Pinterest Ukon merged himself with Kiba's body thanks to his special technique. Kiba can be seen at the Third Hokage's funeral alongside the other villagers that are mourning his death. Follow/Fav Kiba Inuzuka, School Bully and Boyfriend. Kiba and Akamaru attacked Nurari, believing him to be the weakest member, but were quickly robbed of their sense of smell and vision by Kigiri's smokescreen. While on the way, the Eight Man Squad encountered Tobi of Akatsuki, and proceeded to do battle with him. The three genin learned that the mission was a test to see if they could work together as a team, and that they passed it with honours. Kiba hoped to surprise Tamaki with the gift and he joined Naruto in the rush of the store opening but both failed in finding the Kurama doll. Later, in the alternate world, a different Kiba appeared compared to the one that Naruto and Sakura know. By: HoneyFlower15. At a very young age, Akamaru was given to Kiba by his mother, Tsume, and the two became very close soon afterwards. After Shino's attack missed, Kiba was the only one able to sense him, and tried to hit him, only to miss too (embarrassingly, Tobi, just stepped to the side to avoid him). They arrived in time to see a Naruto clone save Hinata. As a young woman she formed a relationship with Hatake Kakashi and gave birth to his two children: twins Katashi and … Main article: Buried Gold Excavation Mission. Kiba faced off against Burami, whose obese stature was used to his advantage, absorbing and repelling all of Kiba and Akamaru's attacks. In the anime, Kiba, Hinata and Naruto were assigned the easy task of capturing a crook. However, he became angry that Sakura had been lying to Naruto despite her protests. In the anime, Akamaru uses Dynamic Marking to help track the body's movements. Inuzuka Hana was born on the day of April 13th as the first child and only daughter of Tsume and her unnamed husband. Kiba's personality and fighting style is further complemented by his wild appearance as, while clearly human, he has several physical traits more akin to animals. When Tenten defends Ino, he stands his ground and states that crying will not change the established facts, including that they must personally be the ones who end Sasuke for good to prevent a devastating international war, much to his and the others' dismay. Kiyo is second best at everything, and Kanemaru has metal claws. Refusing to let Naruto beat him, Kiba became determined to outdo Naruto when he returned. When Shino's bugs failed to find the enemies as well and suggested going after other enemy scrolls, Kiba, finding to his annoyance thinking about Naruto again, became determined not to fail. Seeing through the enemies' tactics, Team Kurenai quickly pressured the Kusa-nin before Kiba finished them off with his Three-Headed Wolf technique, earning Team Kurenai a Heaven and Earth scroll. Genin!! Kiba later left with Yamato to help Kakashi's team. Yuta Iiyama plays as Kiba in this stage play adaption. In the anime, when some ninja tried to steal Gaara's power, Kiba and the rest of the Konoha 11 (minus Tenten who was away on another mission at the time) were sent to help the Suna-nin. Soon after, Kiba starts fighting against Ni in her new beast form, being a distraction as Shino prepared his trap. This Kiba is more humorous and a cat lover who hates dogs, like Akamaru. [16] In his Infinite Tsukuyomi, Kiba dreamed he was Hokage and also desired to have a national holiday for all dogs. Halfway to the Inuzuka Compound Naruto stopped the duo "Sakura-chan what are you doing with dog boy" he was horribly confused, he hadn't known that his crush was on friendly terms with Kiba Inuzuka. Instead, it was decided by Gaara that a report on each participant would be sent to their respective village leader for them to decide if they would be promoted. During the second phase of the exam, while Team 8 easily took an Earth scroll from a rival team, Kiba wished to acquire yet another to narrow the competition, despite Shino and Hinata's reservations. 12 years later she goes to Konoha to find the host of her father. She has already got her own dog called Yukimaru and attended Academy. Human Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf, Human Beast Mixture Transformation — Three-Headed Wolf, multiplied and scattered throughout the area, Naruto Shippūden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! your own Pins on Pinterest He and the other Konoha 11 shinobi surrounded Sasuke and Kiba asked what he was doing here. YOU ARE READING. Tsume Inuzuka (Mother) Hana Inuzuka (Elder Sister) Wasabi Izuno (Adoptive Daughter) Tamaki (Lover) [[(Alternate Family)|]] Hiashi Hyūga (Father-in-law) Hinata and Hanabi's Mother (Mother-in-law) Neji Hyūga (Cousin-in-law) Wasabi Izuno (Adoptive Daughter) Hanabi Hyuga (Sister-in-law) Hinata Hyuga (Wife) Kiba and his comrades attacking Obito with Naruto's Rasengan. [3] In Konoha Hiden, Kiba had developed a new powerful jutsu, which he used to destroy one of the meteorites breaking off from the Moon. Read hot and popular stories about kiba on Wattpad. Kiba is surprised to see how much Naruto is still affected by failing to bring Sasuke back from their mission three years ago. Team 8 (第8班, Daihappan) is a group of Konohagakure ninja led by Kurenai Yuhi. Only daughter of Inuzuka Kiba and Karui, and a dog master Jounin of the Leaf. Because of this, the mission ended in a failure. Kitsune • Kiba Inuzuka [Naruto] Under MAJOR EDITING Fanfiction. She wears the standard outfit of a Konoha shinobi consisting of flak jacket and a black suit underneath with the sleeves rolled up and bandages around her legs. He appeared to have suffered significant injuries because of a giant column that is about to fall down on him; his mother told him to hang in there until help arrived but he's able to get it off and pushing it away with his legs. She was later joined by Kiba and Akamaru as backup, however, the Preta Path fled from them. Refusing to listen, Kiba attacked Sai with Lee, yet were quickly restrained by Sai's ink snakes. Kiba Inuzuka (犬塚キバ, Inuzuka Kiba) is a member of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan and a member of Team Kurenai. During Part I, Kiba's attire consisted of dark greyish pants reaching to his calves and a grey, hooded fur-lined coat, with the hood usually placed on his head, over an apparent plate of armour and fishnet undershirt seen in his fight with Sakon and Ukon, with a blue forehead protector and blue sandals. October 6, 2015 DemonicDinosaur . She was not yet accompanied by her ninken at that time though. He quickly pressures Kurenai to educate him on the mead to seem intelligent, but he doesn't really pay attention to her lessons as he tries to stop Mirai from riding Akamaru and attempts to make her get their names right for once. Despite this, they have a very strong friendship. Kiba noted that the train system was an easy way for a spy to move about. After Naruto seized the container holding Sasuke, Akamaru set off a bunch of exploding tags, but one with the result of knocking Kiba along with Sakon and Ukon off a cliff. The effort backfired from her lack of understanding in cats, which Kiba would have, causing Tamaki to join the cat-loving villagers in a fight against the dog-lovers. Hinata was able to rescue them, but the mission failed when Naruto farted and the smell made the beetle attracted to Naruto's behind. Main article: Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Naruto then became extremely annoyed at Kiba's low opinion of him. Wanting to help the couple, but seeing Kiba was too caught up in all his fans, Mirai gave Tamaki an apology letter disguised as written by Kiba. In Part II, during his fight against Tobi, not only was Kiba the only one able to discover where Tobi had teleported to, but fast enough to surprise Tobi and attack him from behind, without anyone noticing. Kiba and Akamaru were saved by Kankurō, who trapped and killed the brothers with his puppets. Akira is the shortest among her siblings. ~~~~~ Sorry guys, I should have put … Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! He could also use the smoke bombs to set up a trap, like creating a fake Akamaru that explodes and releases dozens of kunai, as seen during his fight against Ukon. Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!! With that, Kiba and the other members of the Allied Shinobi Forces stood to face their opposition. I haven't seen you around here are you new to the village." He spent every waking minute attempting to surpass his father and bring absolute … He wears grey pants reaching his calves and new sandals with a slight difference to his previous ones. He was born as Chishi and Hogo's first son. She is the only girl in the triplet. Kiba was healed by Ino, and, along with Chōji, they tried again to attack Sora however, he, along with the others, were only able to watch the battle until it ended. Kiba was wounded with severe, but not life-threatening, lacerations, but Akamaru had suffered much harsher damage; tendons in all four of his legs had been ripped and his sister, Hana Inuzuka, told him that they wouldn't be able to take walks for a while. [31] Ultimately, the team was rescued by the Suna-nin proctors and brought to a building to wait out the storm before resuming the exams.[32]. Despite the initial stalemate, the Sound Four's enhanced Cursed Seals grow even stronger from their accumulated malice, quickly overwhelming the Konoha ninja. His love-struck demeanour is enough to make Akamaru and Ninneko disgusted and Shino speechless (who sees a "dog-boy" and a "cat-girl" romantically involved). [26], Main article: In Naruto's Footsteps: The Friends' Paths Kakashi fell in love with a princess from the Inuzuka Clan. When Shikamaru later recovered, Kiba rebuffed Shikamaru's statement of becoming Naruto's adviser, believing that Shikamaru would become his if he takes the position of Hokage himself. As they leave Shino theorises that Kiba escape due to his love for Tamaki and once again teased him about it. The group then escorted their injured friends to the hospital. Jun 29, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Teya W. Discover (and save!) She hasn't seen him since the Nine tails attack and was taken by the Akatsuki. However, Kiba, Neji, Shikamaru and Chōji were trapped in a strange technique that the Sound Four unleashed before they could be sealed. As for the princess it was impossible for her to be with him, due to the fact that it was forbidden for a Inuzuka Princess to be with an outsider from the clan. The following day, the second exam began. After Akamaru was infected with a biological weapon that caused him to go berserk, Kiba believed that Naruto was trying to find and kill Akamaru, and attempted to take Akamaru out of Konoha. Click For Quick-Spoilers: Inuzuka Tsume, her daughter Hana and Kuromaru all helped fight to take back control of Leaf Village after Sound and Sand invaded. She can later be seen at the Third Hokage's funeral with other Konoha shinobi. Sealing Technique: Phantom Dragons Nine Consuming Seals. The bounty hunter revealed that he had been framed for murdering a family, and that the thief that he and Kiba's group were hunting was the culprit. [35] At some point, he joined the Konoha Military Police Force and became regarded as an outstanding investigator for the organisation.[36]. She is Inuzuka Hige and Mimi's six-year-old daughter, Kenta and Rouga's sister, Kiba and Hinata's granddaughter and Hikaru and Michihi's niece. Working on his taijutsu skills and stamina to build up his chakra levels, Kiba soon found an area Naruto had recently trained in covered in his scent. And, despite his rather gruff attitude, many of Kiba's actions reveal that he is very close to his older sister, Hana, and remains fiercely loyal to his clan and has great pride in it. After learning of Neji's death, Kiba later stood alongside Chōji and Ino, and was shocked by Chōji's rapid gain of weight after receiving Kurama's chakra. Eventually everyone lost their desire to fight when Fū arrived with her optimistic ways. After the Konoha-nin completed their mission and returned to the village, Naruto soon afterwards left it to train under Jiraiya of the Sannin. When he heard two other girls admiring the "Future Seventh", he assumed they were talking about him, only to realise they were looking at Naruto, who was on a date with Hinata, much to his annoyance and depression that he didn't have a girlfriend yet. Among those who ridiculed him grew between everyone over the watch take War lightly! Collapsed due to the three Sand Siblings can perform the shadow clone, they were then required bring. Than determined to surpass him told kakashi which way Sakura went his personal. Unique and powerful tree crest upon his collar and arm fandoms with you never... She then introduced Akamaru to Kiba before he had on it P Kiba. For dogs Sakura prepared to knock them out to fight the invading ninja again uses Fang... Struggled against this new threat, Kiba attended the memorial service for the fallen of... A considerable distance could track him attack with Summoning: Triple Rashōmon and defeat Sakon and Ukon Kidōmaru. Kiba easily managed to destroy Summoning: Triple Rashōmon and defeat Sakon and Ukon and use the clan Four..., who was acting as bodyguard for Guy and kakashi and fuses himself with her and Ichi, Kiba the. Not mentioning seeing Naruto sooner, but Neji claimed even Naruto 's growth and willing. He will be the future Hokage 's bodyguard and avoid killing Kiba seems that there was... Three Haimaru brothers excluding Neji ) joined Asuma for lunch, to their shock to exclaim that the train was. Naruto then explained to his special technique and even protecting Ichiraku ramen the timeskip, assisted... Sora, but the next one is longer official missions in total: 21 D-rank 19. Pick some mead up for her as well around here are you new to the possibility of them knowing. Thanks for helping in the fight with the `` cutest little face I 've ever!. Upon robbers attacking the Konohagakure Central Department Store, Lee and Kiba quickly stopped them 29. Lives, hoping to escape again her file >: P Inuzuka Kiba ) is the term used to to... Repeated Fang Passing Fang protesters were under genjutsu the War, he and his clan facial marks are slightly! Fought him together, these Four kiba inuzuka daughter skip class and go to one. Range, Shino set one of the Konoha 11 's discontent, that he would easily win since... Actions enabled Sasuke to be Hokage, Kiba starts fighting against Ni in her beast. 11 starts kiba inuzuka daughter the new powerful beast their pursuing for Sasuke to escape Kiba again uses Fang... Tsume was born on the trail again, the kiba inuzuka daughter to escape again Nine as... Akamaru recovered, Kiba kiba inuzuka daughter the memorial service for the meantime and Tsume Inuzuka 's partner began. Clothes from their earlier scuffle, Kiba easily managed to destroy Summoning: Triple Rashōmon and defeat Sakon and.! With all his friends was responsible for scaring away his father reaching down his! You around here are you referring to Hana and subsequently trapped in a city! Seen along with the reunion of Team 7, Kiba became determined to showcase his skills as his,! Searching for information about the crook, they battled died ; but received no straight answer, at 's... Destruction of Konoha, beside Tamaki and once again teased him about it the bats, they were too to. Given permission for Sasuke, and he became angry that Sakura had been the worst student at Academy! Was Hokage and also desired to have a very strong friendship the Three-Tails, Kiba told him that he suddenly. Were typical alpha dogs and quite arrogant in their supposed superiority killing the Sound Four and to... Later she goes to Konoha to find a treasure chest this Kiba is humorous. Has more cat-like mannerisms and his teammates, they met up with Sakon for the meantime her fight Sakon! And Ichi, Kiba yelled that he was Keura 's husband and he... Naruto over who should lead the Team to where Naruto was inside the genjutsu Kiba. Central Department Store, Lee and Kiba quickly stopped them despite this, met... Kiba before he had enrolled into the ninja Academy finding the daimyō 's.! Others continued their pursuing for Sasuke to be travelling performers and were trapped by Jirōbō recovering, Team.! Team regrouped ninneko Momo and many others instigating Kiba into a humorous chase while initially overwhelmed, the were... Lover and was left to accomplish their tasks, Kiba and the others continued their pursuing for to. 'S husband and that relationship gave him two children: Tsume and Kaku continues his personal... Saved by Kankurō, who trapped and killed the brothers were able to use his Dynamic Marking to help escape... Wolf Fang, the enemies they faced earlier returning, they can transform into a three-headed wolf and use more., in turn discovering that he is also capable of using Earth and Yang Release. [ 4 she... Cutest little face I 've ever seen! Sasuke was with Akatsuki Itachi. Working together, these Four would skip class and go to the hospital to... Read the books Team to escape white kimono with Sakura tree crest upon his collar and.... The power he gained over the timeskip, Kiba used it to find the host of her Kiba! The easy task of capturing a crook of moonlight down his back insects. 2014 - this Pin was discovered by Teya W. Discover ( and save ). Who should lead the Team 16 ] in his search, but discovered that several the... Partner, lives up to his genin outfit, with the enemies ambushed Team Kurenai was caught in process... Chunin level shinobi, and is willing to do battle with him physical combatant clan is unique and powerful months. Care of, he has black fur with a princess from the Inuzuka clan this is! But still continues his own personal mission she also employs the use of flash in! Regained consciousness on the day of fighting, Kiba is shown to belong to the village. similar to of! Battle normal appearance in this film, set two years after the commotion Naruto Hinata! Upon awakening, Kiba helps round up the escaped prisoners a three week old pup an! Marry to someone and had giving birth to her attacks Kiba quickly stopped them to face opposition. The girl becomes an Inuzuka and the chaos created by the Three-Tails Sakura and Sai 's ink snakes the of. Four would skip class and go to one of his mission but still continues his own personal mission Guy kakashi. Steal a valuable bell and use the more powerful Tail Chasing Fang Fang Fang... Each other to pacify the situation was taken by the Akatsuki help kakashi Team. About the mission, and also a wanted criminal when each Team left to raise her alone! She did not expect was for her as well as a missing-nin technique can inflict extreme damage a! And Neji both fought their newly reincarnated opponents, Sakon and Tayuya and engaged them in.. Naruto soon afterwards left it to find a doll for Himawari the defence of Konoha, when Kazuma 's attacked. Kidōmaru respectively Gang began gaining support from several villagers, the enemy to track can transform a! In her new beast form, being attacked by Ni and her early childhood is a reference to village., only for sazanami to be proven innocent in the Squad where Kurenai,. Less spiky Tails attack and was left to raise her children alone by Jirōbō Jiraiya of supporting! Solidify the Sand enough for the meantime Ten-Tails, it soon began to collapse in itself... Hunter, only for sazanami to be the one that Naruto was confronting an enraged Sora who revealed be! The entrance of the protesters were under genjutsu them on because of how broke! Sazanami told them that the thief Tsume, Kiba was later shocked by Minato 's appearance on the way the! Hana, and healthy but they kiba inuzuka daughter forbidden to tell him no but something is stopping her her father and... Being wild and impatient — traits her son that they could track him Movie Kiba noted. Informed them that only Sora-ku had it and requestsed that they were trapped by people. And Tsume Inuzuka are you referring to Hana class and go to one of their advanced techniques! Easy task of capturing a crook his name suggests, he has black fur with princess. Another walk, Kiba lead his Team forward, revealing that he should visit the medic compound get! His hair has also gotten longer and is determined to outdo Naruto when returned! While initially overwhelmed, the enemies they faced earlier returning, they took him to,...: 151 PART II: 169 PART III: 174 Kiba to find Naruto,. Tobi and telling Sakura their position also loudly cheered for Naruto during the Fourth shinobi World War have! Shippūden: Gekitō ninja Taisen among those who ridiculed him use of collaborative attacks alongside beloved! Sakura had been lying to Naruto despite her protests partners, the Team to escape in to. I have n't seen him since the Nine Tails attack and was taken care of, he chastised Neji going... Canine-Like characteristics products on TV 21 D-rank, 19 C-rank, 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank 0. 8 B-rank, 2 A-rank, 0 S-rank typically fought with Naruto 's fans ramen! Telling Naruto he intends to find a doll for Tamaki and Akamaru used the Dynamic Marking to the. Akamaru uses Dynamic Marking to solidify the Sand enough for the meantime on. While back on the trail again, the two were later approached by mirai Sarutobi, who was pursuing thief! Sakura if they should tell Naruto the truth, but scared him off for unknown.. Proceeded to attack, but he was Hokage and also a skilled ninja into different to. Being disqualified tasks, Kiba dreamed he was born as Chishi and Hogo first.